Xbox Game Studios – About 30 games have been announced for Game Pass: what about their “ratings”?

As part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Microsoft mentioned around thirty (new) games that are set to integrate Game Pass, its subscription offering. This is appealing to the players, but what about the value to the developers?

Today, many players in the video game industry dream of establishing themselves as ” netflix video games”: offer a subscription that gives access to a selection of games, in the hope of attracting an audience of players who will then be less likely to see competition. Microsoft is at the forefront of this strategy with its Game Pass: the offer gives access to several hundred games for the price of a few euros per month on console, PC and/or via the cloud. Quite classically, and apart from the offer itself, the appeal of Game Pass obviously depends on whether games are integrated into it or not, both to attract new players and to retain subscribers. In this context, Microsoft took advantage of its “Xbox & bethesda Games Showcase 2022 aired last night to showcase around thirty (new) games set to integrate with Game Pass throughout the year and again in 2023.

30 games integrated into Game Pass in 2022-2023

Massively and only in the coming weeks, the Game Pass game offer will be enriched, in particular, by playing in the arena. Naraka: Blade’s Edge (It’s June 23rd) then the story game With the onset of dusk (July 19) and then grounded in September, from Contempt, Persona 5 Royal and from Gunfight Reborn in October, then in November the list will be replenished Repentancethe announcement of Obsidian’s next game last night.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022: Games coming to Game Pass in 2022 and 2023

Microsoft also mentions Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden autumn. The band also took advantage of the storefront to announce a partnership with riot game aiming to include most of the developer’s games on Game Pass “this year” (League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile, Legends of Runeterra, Team battle tactics as well as valiant). Also this year, a survival game will also be placed in the subscription offer. walheim and in principle Plague Tale: Requiem.

Subscribers should have something to do in 2023 too: we know Starfield as well as red autumn will be integrated into Game Pass upon release. An action game will also be added, and not exhaustively. Wo Long: The Fallen Dynastyadventure game Flintlock: The Seige of Dawn, racing game Forza MotorsportArk 2 survival game or even Minecraft legendsas well as a puzzle game cocoon or Ravenlock… To the games mentioned yesterday, you can add Hollow Knight: Silk Song, Macaw: The Untold Story Where Ereban: Shadow Legacy which do not yet have a release date. The offer is quite attractive and should attract a large number of player profiles.

What about Game Pass game ratings?

Players can find their account there, but what about developers? Specifically, a game that has Game Pass integrated can be played without having to buy a copy. Is this not a disadvantage for the developer and is it really beneficial, especially for large-scale games that are expensive to develop?

Nexon Developer Conference 2022

Along with Presentation of games for Xbox and Bethesda In the West, Nexon also hosted this weekend’s 2022 edition Nexon Developer Conference and South Korean Microsoft teams were invited, among other things, to promote the virtues of Game Pass to local developers.

We mainly note from Michelle Jang, who is in charge of partnerships between studios and Microsoft, that The “valuation” of a Game Pass-integrated game is not only about financial – in any case, does not provide any details about the financial agreements between the developers and Microsoft.
According to Michelle Jang, we need to add the visibility that Game Pass allows, as well as access to investors and the spending public.

Quality assurance”. Specifically, at a time when almost 10,000 games are released annually (i.e. a little less than thirty per day), Game Pass will act as a quality pre-screening tool for players.. Microsoft prides itself on retaining only the best games (everyone judges): so the integration of the American firm’s program will be beneficial from a qualitative point of view – Game Pass includes more than 60 award-winning games. Microsoft’s subscription offering also provides more visibility when games that don’t integrate Game Pass are doomed to stay in the mainstream. Game Pass will be the de facto “quality toy library” capable of guiding players.
The offer also allows ads to improve over time: Microsoft promotes Game Pass games throughout their lifecycle, and games already available benefit fromsecond wind thanks to Game Pass integration : they reach a new audience of subscribers, and the integration of the subscription offer more or less acts like a second launch, broadcast by the trade press.

incentive to open up. However, according to Michelle Jang, Microsoft’s research shows that gamers often tend to stick to the same gaming video genre and do little. This does not apply to Game Pass subscribers, more likely to discover genres they are unfamiliar with : Not only does testing a Game Pass game cost nothing, but making new discoveries gives you the feeling that your subscription is getting more profitable. Thus, Game Pass integration will allow reaching an audience that would probably not take the initiative to purchase the game. played 8.3 times more than before join the program. It’s the same at the developer level: discovering a game through Game Pass can allow discovery of a studio and therefore the rest of its catalog (whether it’s integrated into a subscription or not).

Increase in turnover. Finally, if subscribers have access to a library of games at a low cost, they, however, also remain invested and wasteful players. On average, Game Pass subscribers will spend 50% more on additional content, microtransactions, and other expansions than non-subscribers. However, according to averages reported by Michelle Jung, a game with Game Pass integration tripled its turnover compared to a game without Game Pass. In addition, Game Pass subscribers are often dedicated players who interact a lot with other players, write prescriptions, and help promote the game in player communities.

Clearly, Microsoft’s partnership manager is preaching in favor of her arrival (and used the conference to encourage developers to use her services to evaluate the integration of their games into the program). However, we better understand that integrating a subscription offer can also be beneficial and add value to a game or even a studio.