Xbox Game Pass: New Games List – Total War Three Kingdoms, Naraka Bladepoint, Far Cry 5…

Here’s a list of the new Game Pass games revealed by the XBOX team!

Already available

Shadowrun Trilogy (Cloud & Console) [email protected]
Shadowrun Trilogy includes three iconic tactical RPGs set in a dystopian cyberpunk future where magic has awakened, bringing mythical creatures to life. Originally created as a tabletop RPG over 30 years ago, this one-of-a-kind medium has gained a huge following over the past three decades.

Total War: Three Kingdoms (KP)
Total War: Three Kingdoms is the first part of an award-winning series that recreates the epic conflicts of ancient China. Combining turn-based campaigns, empire building and conquest against a backdrop of real-time battles, the title redefines the series in an age of heroes and legends.


FIFA 22 (Console & PC) EA Play – June 23
FIFA 22 Coming soon to the “Game List” via EA Play, PC Game Pass and Ultimate members will be able to discover fundamental gameplay advancements and many new features across all modes. In addition, members can earn monthly rewards such as Volta accessories and coins, Seasonal Ultimate Team XP bonuses, and FUT Stadium Packs.

Naraka: Blade’s Edge (Cloud, Console & PC) – June 23rd
Naraka: Blade’s Edge is a legendary 60-player action game and one of the best-selling PC games of 2021, surpassing the 10 million player mark last August. You will be able to enjoy his fights and explore his world with the heroes and weapons of your choice to face others and try to survive.

Far Cry 5 (Cloud, Console & PC) – July 1st.
Welcome to Hope County, Montana, a land of freedom and courage, home to a fanatical cult that preaches the end of the world: Eden’s Gate. Challenge its leader Joseph Seed and his brothers and sisters, ignite the fire of resistance and free the citizens.

In case you missed it

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (Cloud, Console & PC) – Available
Fight to the end to decisively and beautifully break through pixel art who are infested with very vicious enemies and assert their superiority by embodying their beloved Turtles! They all have their own moves and skills that make every run unique. Choose your hero, perform devastating combos to overwhelm your opponents, and be captivated by intense skirmishes that mix and match explosive action and outlandish ninja abilities.

Omori (Cloud, Console & PC) – Available
Explore a strange world filled with colorful allies and enemies. Fluctuate between the everyday and the extraordinary to lift the veil over a forgotten past. In due time, the path you choose will determine your fate… and perhaps the fate of other people.

Updates and downloadable content

Golf with friends :extension Bouncy castle course – Accessible
Game Pass members can save up to 10%! Ready for the craziest golf experience ever? Extension Bouncy castle course filled with new obstacles and tricky holes to master. Prove your skills against friends in online multiplayer mode with up to 11 players: only one person can own the extension and invite everyone else to try it out!

Jurassic World Evolution 2 : extension Dominion Biosyn – Accessible
Game Pass Members Save 10%! Discover the largest extension Jurassic World Evolution 2 : Dominion Biosyn. Enjoy a brand new exciting campaign inspired by the events of the movie. Jurassic World: The World Afterfrom Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

mine craft : Refresh Wild – Accessible
discover mine craft in a completely new light… or rather, in darkness. Run into the dark if you dare. Explore swamps with frogs and tadpoles. Ask an ally to go in search of resources to fill the trunk of your ship. Build with clay and mangroves. The possibilities are endless and are in your hands.

Benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Avengers Marvel : Ms. Marvel Future Costume Set – available
Unlock Ms. Marvel’s Future Suit, 3-Day Catalyst, and 3-Day Fragment Extractor. In a future where superheroes have become criminals, it’s up to you to assemble, transform and customize the Avengers to stop A.I.M. and then protect Earth from the increasingly horrific threats that lie ahead.

Halo Infinite : Tense Razorback Pass Pack – Available
Customize your UNSC vehicle with the exclusive Razorback “Pass Tense” livery, four double XP boosts, and four challenge exchanges! This advantage requires Halo Infiniteavailable for free on Xbox, Windows and Steam.

Naraka: Blade’s Edge : The Awakening Pack is available from June 23rd.
Start your adventure on Morus Island with exclusive gear. Awakening for Viper Ning and accessory in Xbox colors!

10 new touch compatible games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now play 10 more touch games! Start playing in the Xbox app on a Windows PC, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app on Android devices, or at on a Windows PC or Apple phones and tablets without a controller.

Here is a list of new titles with touch controls:

  • broken age
  • Bagsnaks
  • Chinatown Detective Agency
  • Kraken Academy!!
  • Life is Strange: True Colors
  • Ninja Gaiden ∑
  • Ninja Gaiden ∑2
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
  • Nachelbeck Dungeon: Amulet of Disorder
  • The last children on earth