Xbox Game Pass – 12 games join Microsoft’s subscription offering in the second half of May.

But it makes games!

In just one month, Sony will present its new vision PlayStation Plus, yesterday also allowing to see what firewood the brand will heat up on the side of subscription offers. But for Microsoft, that doesn’t change much of the facts, the brand continues on its merry way, always driven by the same desire: to protect the catalog Xbox Game Pass and make the days too short when it’s time to play… And in the middle of May, that’s for sure, time will run out with 12 titles:

Already available:

Her story (on PC): Some will say it’s not a game, some will say it’s an amazing experience. We’ll just advise you to give it a try if you haven’t already. Game in Full Motion Video, Her Story offers to find out what exactly is to be found out during the interrogation of Hannah.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 (on consoles, PC and cloud): On the other hand, we will not ask them questions, because the discussion can very quickly turn to the eaten person. On the other hand, we won’t hesitate to offer dinosaurs the most enjoyable parks in this “city builder sim” that advances the recipe of the first volume a bit.

Little witch in the forest (Console and PC Preview): If the life of dinosaurs doesn’t interest you, perhaps the life of a witch will win you over. So if that’s the case, you might want to take a look at the title Sunny Side Up, which is currently in Early Access.

skateboarding (in the cloud): While many are wondering what the future of the Tony Hawks series could be after Blizzard took over Vicarious Visions, those who love to play in the clouds will be able to enjoy the famous Skate, the first installment of the series.

Generation Umuranga – Special Edition (on consoles, PC and cloud): To quote one of my fellow editors: “It’s a photo based game, much more interesting than Pokémon Snap, but it doesn’t have Pokémon and it has low PS1 flow, so…interesting with his artistic decisions, Umurangi clearly deserves everyone’s attention. An alien invasion in the background, it is about the incarnation of a courier to capture the reality of the world.

From May 19:

Farm Simulator 22 (on consoles, PC and cloud): If your desire to build is still there after Jurassic World Evolution 2, you can do it in a more mundane way with reference to farming simulation. Simulation that is more complete than ever…

vampire survivors (on PC): Minimalistic title Poncle asks to survive hordes of critters in ballistic rogue-lite hell sauce after beating in early access. A carrier of very good fame, this one clearly deserves attention.

From May 24:

Flexible Knights (on consoles, PC and in the cloud): Available on the first day, it’s about going on a wacky adventure that combines two fairly well-known mechanics: tactical combat and card deck building … In short, the curious can try the experience without risking .

Hardspace: Shipwreck (on PC): Again, this is about Early Access and Day 1 release. Because after an almost two-year hiatus, the simulation of galactic reinforcements comes in its “final” version. A version that will require you to work hard to pay off your debt of 1,252,594,441.92 credits. Trifle…

From May 26:

Sniper Elite 5 (on consoles and PC): Never content with wiping out the Nazi regime, Carl Fairburne is about to resume his mission. Always a specialist in sniper rifles and infiltration, the war hero this time embarks on a journey through our France. France, which will be the perfect playground to enjoy the various improvements promised by Rebellion from day one. The murder chamber is already heating up.

From May 27:

Cricket 22 (on PC): It’s also about balloons. Only it’s not about sticking it between the two eyes of a Nazi soldier, but about sending him as far as possible or something like that. Because we have to be honest, cricket is not a very popular sport in our region, knowing its rules shows almost a feat. But now is the time to focus on it. Nope?

Pac-Man+ Museum (on consoles, PC, and cloud): We’re finally wrapping up this May Xbox Game Pass roundup with something a little more famous…something even…because it all ends with the famous Pac-Man and his museum, which allows you to enjoy 14 iconic titles spanning at least 40 years of history. Pack, pack!

output side Xbox Game PassOn May 31, 7 titles will be released from the catalog:

EA Sports NHL 20 (on consoles)

Farm Simulator 19 (on consoles, PC and in the cloud)

Knockout City (on console and PC) – Don’t panic, the game is going free

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (on consoles, PC and in the cloud)

Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest (on PC)

Super Hot Mind Control Delete (on consoles, PC and in the cloud)

Yes, your grace (on consoles, PC and in the cloud)

So you have two weeks left to enjoy these games. Now you know everything about this end of May in the company Xbox Game Pass.