Women and the online gaming industry, a world no longer owned by men!

The online gaming industry is no longer a man-only world. Now women are also interested in this, and more and more than before.

Video games or online casinos are more than ever designed for their participation and always meet their expectations.

The expansion of iGaming to include the online casino industry, including Unibet’s live casino, has resulted in an unprecedented influx of players. The rise in popularity of games has prompted experts and scientists to begin a series of studies on their impact.

They studied various aspects of digital gambling, including the relationship between gender roles and gambling preferences. This revelation may come as a surprise, as the expected result was a male-dominated industry.

The example of a Swedish regulator that has been following the casino market for years brings amazing results. He recently published a study that clearly shows that 61% of casino players last year were women. The situation is similar in the UK: the British regulator UKGC announced that 43% of gamers in 2019 were women. Considering that 2020 has seen an increase in online gambling, we can see that the number of female players in online casinos is only increasing.

The more women join the online gaming industry, the more it provides them with personalized and targeted content. Those who have been in the industry for many years have not been able to enjoy a more female-centric casino experience until recently as the industry has long been dominated by male players. The reason for this is a useless stereotype that is entrenched in the minds of people: the player is a man, rarely a woman. Nowadays, gender-neutral offers have become popular in online casinos.

Women even managed to push the boundaries. They challenged stereotypes and changed the rules of the game, while casino games also became a women’s affair.

Vanessa Selbst

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Vanessa Selbst is the only professional female poker player to become a Wall Street investor and ranked #1 on the Global Poker Index. She has also won three World Series gold bracelets.

Among her successes, Selbst is also a Yale graduate and has a law degree. His passion for gambling, combined with risk, allowed him to win about $12 million. She is definitely on the list of the richest gamers in the world.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a former professional who received special recognition for being the best poker player for over 20 years. She won her first World Series of Poker gold bracelet in 2004. She is also a Pennsylvania academic specializing in psychology.

Among his books is one called Thinking About the Stakes: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts. This is intended in particular for the public wanting to learn about the world of betting and the main risks so they can get started and get more out of it.