We tested for you… outdoor family adventure games

If they are enjoyable for adults, hiking can quickly become tiresome for children. But being in the mountains becomes magical when they leave with their parents to discover adventure games! Together with Maxim, 12 years old, we tested in Cluses in Haute-Savoie two magical, instructive and fun!

Who has never dreamed of waking up in a tree? This is an experience that we had the chance to live with Maxim during this hot month of May. It’s 5:40 in the morning when we gently open our eyes, along with the sun and birdsong, in our bubble perched on top of a tree at Evelyn and Jean-Francois at their Sur le guest house. Coux in Thiesse (Upper Savoie). The night before, the hostess, who transformed her grandparents’ charming home, treated us to a Savoyard meal before letting us into our atypical rooms using the flashlight of our mobile phones.

Transparent Bubble/Sur le Coux Guest House © Women’s magazine

After this night out of the world, we are ready to discover “La Fée-buleuse abracadabrantesque adventure”, in the middle of nature in Nancy-sur-Cluse, 15 minutes from Cluse! This morning we are lucky to be accompanied by Fanny Richard, co-creator of the game with Agnès Marchand. But this is really an experience that we are going to do on our own with Marie, her son Noah, 8, and Maxim, 12. Our goal? Help the fairies (like Fée-gnass, our favorite), twisted and carved in wood by the very talented Maxime Cadu, find peace! With the instructions in the included booklet, the boys will solve puzzles and perform magic tricks on a path through the woods. Enthusiastic, they will barely see 90 minutes of play and realize it only at the end, when they have covered a distance of 2.5 km.

Maxim and Noah solve riddles © Stephanie Lemasson

Lunch is an opportunity for Bruno Jazzi, director of Cluses Arve & Montagnes Tourisme, passionate about RPGs and adventures, to tell us how he spent 5 years with his team developing 13 adventure games (small, the last one called “Erina” and Epic of Carthage launches June 15th) all unique to take kids and adults on a fabulous adventure. The location, the story, the puzzles, the characters, the visuals, the route, the ambience, every detail has been thought of and crafted by the Cluses Arve & montages Tourisme team to develop these adventure games in one area scattered across the towns and villages of the community. municipalities.

The afternoon is devoted to the adventure “Le secret du Reposoir”, completely invented by Bruno Jazzi. Then we have a mission to help the monk John of Spain fight the dark forces and penetrate the secret of the resting place in order to create a carmel, where the community took a vow of poverty and silence here. Armed with tablets, we walk for 1 hour 45 minutes (a longer route of 3 hours is also offered) and from the vault must run, answer questions, solve puzzles and be more insightful in order to complete our mission! An opportunity to discover the region, its historical heritage, allowing our young adventurers to let off steam!

Maxim in front of carmel © Clea Dutartre

After a night that allowed them to recharge their batteries, we end our weekend at the Grande Récré, a free event hosted for the second time by the city of Cluse and taking place this year on 22 May. Archeology, altitude and sensations, the far west, the circus, the garden of the senses: 5 universes allow families to attend workshops, watch shows and enjoy mild spring temperatures. This is an opportunity for us to cool off and gain height by drinking apple or spruce juice at a bar located several meters high, which we have accessed thanks to the friends of the trees of Corde Jou. our feet and our hands! Oxygenated, rested and relaxed, we are ready to leave the mountain and return to the city!

From 5 euros for an adventure game. All information at www.cluses-montagnes-tourisme.com