We objectively categorized video games that destroy friendships

The worst thing that has happened to video games is the ability to play with others, to have fun with “friends”. When we play alone and get angry, we decide whether to send the keyboard to the wall or eat our controller.

But when it comes to playing and partying together, the very structure of our friendship collapses.

Here are 10 games that destroy the notion of caring relationships.

10 Supermarket Squeal

In this game, the two of you have to move a cart through the supermarket to do your shopping. His movements are controlled by the cries of a man and a goat (don’t try to understand).

One player controls the man and the other the goat. And frankly, this does not lead to anything good, both geographically and humanly. He screams in all directions, he screams at your buddy who doesn’t control anything and it takes forever to complete the level.

9. Brothers Smash.

We continue with a simple yet effective series Smash brothers.. In addition to the single player campaign and online games, smash Reach the climax of destruction of friendship in multiplayer mode. This is clearly a game to humiliate your friend who is starting.

While he struggles to find his character in the arena, you happily launch your final blow on his Kirby. After that, he cries and no longer invites you to his birthday party.

8. Keep talking and no one will explode

On the one hand, player 1, who must read the instructions for the bomb and trust only him. On the other hand, player 2, who must act and defuse the bomb, but only watch it. Thus, player 1 and player 2 must report their respective information in order to pass.

The thing is, there is a countdown. Such stress. So he speaks badly. So, it comes down to a fight, because it’s clear that player 1 can’t read the manual, and player 2 can pick at the bathroom rug.


We all know it FIFA this is far from a game to unwind after a long day at work. In the evening with friends, this is a nest for confusion.

Between the one who jerks off to everyone and the other who serves as a mop because he thinks his controller is screwing up when he’s just bad, it never ends up in back and forth matches. In the end, the mop manages to win 1-0 and will talk about it all his life.

6. Tricky towers

It must tetris but in multi. Each game mode is different, but the principle is always the same: build the tower as quickly as possible while keeping it stable.

Add to your clumsiness the stress of being beaten up or being late, and that’s it. the game becomes troublesome. You may have all the talent in the world, but if your friend is lucky, there is absolutely nothing you can do. And it’s terribly annoying.

5. Gremlins, Inc.

In this multiplayer indie game where everyone plays for themselves, the goal is to earn as many points as possible in various ways. But the real goal is to turn her on her head in front of her friends, often in the worst possible way.

Once you can win by stealing your friends’ points or just making them lose them, the game becomes a battleground where you spend more time insulting others than thinking about a viable strategy.

4. FarmVille

In truth, no one has played it except your stupid buddy who sent you Facebook requests every day asking you to help him grow cereal. And that’s the only reason he got kicked off your friends list. For sure this is the only video game in the world that ruined a friendship by not playing it.

3. Overcooked!

In a cooperative Overdone! and his younger brother Overdone! 2 seem simple: each has his own task and he must calmly manage all the teams. Except no.


It’s actually untold chaos and you spend more time running around yelling insults and telling people what to do while your steak is on fire. In the end, you inevitably lose and inevitably shift the blame to others.

2.Mario Kart

Obviously Mario Kart is in this ranking. OBVIOUSLY. Mario Kart this is by far the most dishonest game ever. The former have bananas, the latter have rockets (Bill Balle). You can spend the whole race in the lead, blue shell and chao, win. Whatever your excuses, history will only remember your 7th place and your childish whining.

1. Party Mario

Why mario party it’s before the chaotic Overdone! and unfair Mario Kart ? Well, because he does much worse: he manipulates your heart. You’ve already been throwing the dice for thirty minutes, you’re only getting 1, and the rest are making perfect rolls.

Then you move on to mini-games where you spend time playing as a team to then terrorize the same allies in the next game. mario party it’s an endless elevator of alliances and betrayals that eventually leads to a friendship apocalypse, all under the fake good atmosphere of Nintendo graphics. unbearable. So take care of your friends, take care of them like your own children, and offer them a massage from time to time. Otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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