Video games make kids smarter, study says

Can video games affect children’s intelligence? Yes, and a good one, according to a large US study that adds that social media won’t have a detrimental effect on their gray cells.

On hear it and we read it all over the screens are not good for kids. Among their favorite activities when they are holding their phone or watching TV are short videos, social media and video games. 98% of French children agree with the latter. according to the latest data from Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (Sell). The problem is that it is very often difficult to unhook them from him… What if we told you that you can leave them a little extra, and that it will even benefit them?

Because all screen activities do not affect children in the same way: this is stated in an article published in the magazine. Scientific reports a group of Swedish and Dutch researchers. By analyzing reading, comprehension, and reasoning tests of nearly 10,000 9-year-old American children and comparing them to their use of screens (type of activity, time spent), the researchers came up with an average “intelligence score.”

“Video games are a very good exercise for our brain”

Result: Children who viewed more videos and content on social media had below-average results at the start of the experiment, which progressed as expected over the next two years. “Screen time does not generally impair children’s cognitive ability,” as does social media use, according to a report found by Futura.

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On the other hand, observation is different when we observe children playing video games. Unlike their comrades, the intelligence of these children increased significantly, above average. “Video games can help stimulate intelligence” without distinguishing between boys and girls, the authors of the study elaborate.

Clinical psychologist Vanessa Lalo agrees in France Info: “Video games can develop many of our brain’s abilities, such as visuo-spatial abilities, to navigate in space without the need for a map or plan, as well as memorization, tension and concentration. It’s a very good workout for our brain.”

7 out of 10 parents monitor their children’s practice

And the good news is that you can play it with the whole family. The trend has also evolved strongly since the start of the health crisis: Today, three-quarters of parents say they play video games with their children..

That’s ten points more than in 2020, Sell estimates in its 2021 report, which says that “70% of parents say they control their children’s activities: choosing games they can play with them, advising against certain games or staying close to them when they are playing.” Indeed, some violent video games can lead to violent behavior in children.

Even if the benefits of video games are now proven, continue to encourage the little ones to experiment with other activities. “It is important to always maintain balance, play sports, move the body and remove it from incorrect positions. Go outside too, because blue light can cause, in particular, sleep disturbances…”, warns Vanessa Lalo.

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