Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?

Equipment news Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?

Apple and video games are far from a love story. The Mac platform is notorious for not being optimized for gaming, and the vast majority of gamers turn to a Windows machine to quench their thirst. On the other hand, the latest version of macOS contains more gaming improvements. Can Apple finally get down to business and compete with Windows 11?

Playing on Mac is pretty mixed at the moment.

Can be played on Mac. There’s Steam, Epic, Origin, or even, but as we know, there are a lot of games that aren’t available on any of those stores. There are many emulators for decrypting Windows on Mac, but this is far from a real solution that can work for a long time. Please note that it is still possible, as long as you have a good connection, to take advantage of cloud gaming with offers like GeoForce Now.

With Apple Arcade, an on-demand gaming service available for €5 a month, almost all mobile games are compatible with macOS with a small onion-optimized port. On the other hand, not with such games Apple will be able to convince today’s hardcore PC gamers. But is this really Apple’s goal?

There are a lot of people who swear by PC and should be given to their bodies rather than sent to Apple. But Apple is improving. The brand has tested the situation with the M1 chip and is now boosting the speed.

Specifically, Macs are capable of this, and they are already proving it. You can already easily play a lot of games like CS:GO, all Blizzard games (except Overwatch), LoL, Minecraft… what is missing is big, greedy AAA.

It’s a good idea for Apple to get into games.

Macs are selling well, very well. PC sales are falling as the M1 series manages to convince a larger audience. Among these won customers, there are sure to be those who want to take advantage of macOS but would like to keep their usual gaming habits.

Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?

If viruses and other malware are more prevalent on PCs, it’s not just because Windows is less secure than macOS. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many more Windows users than Mac users. So, if Apple computers become more mainstream, developers will definitely be interested parallel development of their work on the Mac.

Apple isn’t gearing its marketing towards video game players, but that’s starting to change, and we saw that during the WWDC keynote.

Apple takes gaming one step further with macOS Ventura

When you think about it, it makes you dream: a computer with all the benefits of a Mac, compatible with all the games in the PC world and able to run them as a high-end configuration.

This could be the start of a new adventure with the release of a new version of macOS called Ventura. Metal 3, the new version of Apple’s Graphics Acceleration API is here. Among other things, it is used by developers to program their games in such a way that they are optimized for the iOS and macOS architecture. Three new features have been added:

  • MetalFX scaling: this was required for Mac computers. Originally supported by Apple and available to developers to speed up the creation and rendering of high resolution graphics by adding scaling to frames that were much less greedy to begin with. It’s a bit like Nvidia’s DLSS or AMD’s FSR.
Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?
  • Quick Resource API: the second API is designed to optimize loading times in games.
  • Improved ray tracing

Therefore, we are entitled to something more than a simple adjustment, and we are delighted.

During the WWDC keynote, Apple announced the appearance of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village in the list of games compatible with Mac, using the new tools above. On the one hand, it shows that Apple is ready to start building big games on its platform. On the other hand, being so proud to have added two games shows that there is still a long way to go.

Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?

M1 and M2 chips are the basis for the future of Apple games

The M1 chip has been around for two years: with Apple hardware and software optimization, Macs are capable of delivering performance similar to powerful gaming PCs in a much smaller form factor, less noise, and much lower power consumption.

Video games: can the new macOS Ventura compete with Windows 11?

With the announcement of the M2 chip, Apple is still upping the CPU performance by 35% and the GPU by 25% more than the M1 version. We’ve seen on the MacBook Pro M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max how Apple excels in its field with efficient machines that get very little heat and need to be pushed very hard before the fans activate.

The problem with accessories remains.

Apart from the software, what Apple still lacks is scalability. Unless you buy a $6,000+ Mac Pro, all Macs, laptops, or desktops will have components soldered on, making configuration changes impossible.

Apple wants to keep control over the components that are dormant in their machines. It has the advantages of reliability and optimization, but such an argument falls short when it comes to gaming. Even though the Mac M2 is powerful enough to run AAA games, buying one that is no longer a viable solution.

Soon a real competitor to Windows 11?

We know Apple doesn’t like doing things halfway. However, it’s likely that the brand will open up the field a bit more for casual gamers to enjoy real-world gaming while still maintaining the edge of a Mac.

The Cupertino-based company is hard at work on two important fronts to offer the best gaming experience: software with compatibility and optimization, and hardware with more powerful GPUs on even the cheapest MacBooks.

A few years ago, if you played on a Mac, you would be laughed at, and for good reason. The water will go under the bridge before macOS also competes with Windows 11 in games. Apple is rowing slowly but surely.

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