upcoming video games on Xbox and PC

Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda Show was the most anticipated event of Summer Game Fest, a week of online conferences where most of the industry’s publishers reveal their plans for the coming year. Microsoft took the guidance literally, showing only planned games set to release within the next twelve months, indicating that most of them will be available on Xbox Game Pass, a subscription-based game offering. Opportunity to also talk aboutOverwatch 2 as well as Diablo IVpublisher Activision-Blizzard sites in the process of being taken over by the Redmond firm.

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We really like Bethesda, but not for its riskiness: since 1994, the studio has rotated episodes of its fantasy series. ancient scrolls (Skyrim) with characters from the post-apocalyptic saga fall out. Now we have to rely on Starfield, a space role-playing game whose first images we revealed on Sunday. In the land of cows Starfield seems to embellish an ordinary recipe with a serious or even slightly sad vibe mass effect harvesting and building mechanics (including own ship) causing Nobody’s sky. But, like this dizzying game, Starfield it also promises the ability to fly to the stars and explore at least hundreds of different planets: an excess that should contrast with the usual productions of a studio that specializes in highly detailed and hand-shaped universes.

Released in the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox.

“Legends of Minecraft”

After the story game Minecraft Story Modeaction game Minecraft Dungeons and title in augmented reality Minecraft Earthreports Mojang Studios with Minecraft legends a new version of the greatest success in the history of video games. This game offers real time strategy in the universe of small cubes. The presentation video shows the invasion of characters in the form of pigs – piglins – from the hellish dimension of the Nether. The player will be asked to cooperate with other players, create bases with them and unite armies to defeat the piglins.

Released in 2023 on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

“High quality of life”

Almost everyone loves Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the Rick and Morty series, who expresses his love for crazy universes and his characters with hysterical voices in every possible and conceivable media. Whether in series, with solar opposites on Disney+ or in video games with a rather slow VR experience Throver saves the universe. FROM High quality of life, its colorful graphics and its insane weapons with faces (we think Téléchat) that speak to the player, don’t exactly leave their comfort zone. But the playful promise still looks more ambitious, as it embodies the bounty hunter in a shooter that promises to be rich, varied, and graphically compelling.

Released October 2022 on PC and Xbox.


Obsidian Studios is almost twenty years old, but it still seems important to remember that it was founded by the legends of PC RPGs, the people who worked on the first fall out Where Planescape: Torment. This must be remembered, because these people regularly take amazing risks by indulging in action games (Alpha protocol), funny game(South Park: The Stick of Truth) or even multiplayer games (grounded), the titles are variously inspired, but always interesting. Repentance seems new of these risks: from the trailer’s vision, it’s impossible to know exactly what it’s all about, except that it’s an adventure game with strong narrative ambitions, whose graphics will be taken straight from medieval tapestries. Very intriguing.

Released November 2022 on PC and Xbox.


Platform, combat, puzzles… cocoon looks like a distant descendant Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991). The first images of the title, published by Annapurna, reveal the birth of its humanoid character, equipped with insect wings, who, as it turns out, can move between several interconnected dimensions. The artistic direction seduces with its rounded shapes and pastel colors that give it a soothing side. While the game phases involve puzzles made up of decorative elements. If this experience also arouses our curiosity, it is because it was designed by Jeppe Carlsen’s team. He has already worked on masterpieces Inside as well as Limboon behalf of the Danes from Playdead, and signed a very successful 140 as well as THAT with my own studio.

Released in 2023 on Xbox.

“Diablo IV”

Announced in 2019 but delayed last November, this is a new episode of the series launched by Blizzard in 1996, so its release is scheduled for the first half of 2023. The fifth and final class of playable characters in this RPG has been revealed. : This is the Necromancer. New videos lift the veil over a huge open world, the landscapes and population of which are even more realistic. One of the new features offered will be the ability to see allied villages created in areas free of opponents, or ride horses. With its morbid atmosphere and battling nightmarish creatures – alone or with others – Diablo IV remains one of the most anticipated games on PC.

Released in 2023 on PC and Xbox.

As well as :

  • Hideo Kojima, whose last game was exclusive to Sony, goes to the enemy: he runs Microsoft “the game of his dreams”which does not require large expenses, but is always a pleasure.
  • After long delays, Overwatch 2 will finally be released on October 4th. On this occasion, we have discovered a new heroine, poetically christened the Junker Queen.
  • Three years ago we were able to try out two levels Hollow Knight’s Silk Song, the sequel to one of the best action games of 2017. And since then, we’ve been living in anticipation—and a bit of anguish—when we’ll see her again someday. The trailer reassured us: silk song still exists. We just don’t know when it will come out.
  • On the occasion of the series’ 40th anniversary, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be equipped in November with old retro cuckoo clocks and gliders, and also, for today, and since it seems that the video game industry no longer makes sense, with a spaceship taken from video games. Halo Infinite.
  • TrailerMacaw: The Untold Story tells us that this is a turn-based strategy game developed by “the creators who revolutionized the genre”modest and legally prudent way of saying that the studio’s creative director was working on Civilization V.
  • Redfall, scheduled for the first half of 2023, is pushing us against hordes of vampires (who look like creatures from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Arkane Austin’s new multiplayer shooter will not use crucifixes or garlic cloves to scare away bloodsuckers, but cannons or paranormal powers.
  • After you get off the beaten track in an open world racing game Forza Horizon 5Xbox takes over the direction of the chains with Forza Motorsport 8. Already announced in 2020, this new car simulator that promises even more realistic visuals will be released in the spring of 2023.
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