unforgettable video games for their voice acting for better and for worse

Today, June 12th, is World Dubbing Day, and we at Netcost wanted to celebrate it by remembering the best, worst, and rarest of the video game industry. A handful of unforgettable speeches (for better or worse) that always come to mind when discussing a topic.

worst dubbing ever

Let’s start with the crown jewel. Worst of the worst. A circle of hell that even Dante never visited. If you ask us about the worst voice acting in history, we have no doubt that the dubious honor goes to Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. It even gives what can be qualified as dubbing. This is a handful of texts read aloud, and poorly read. The phrase “Are you appointing me viceroy?” This is the history of this sector. Here is how our colleague José M. Fernandez, head of analysis for Netcost, put it:

“This is such a failed job, so to speak, that it is surprising how much it spoils the efforts of the rest of the Akella programmers. It’s inconceivable that an Age of Pirates quality product would do such an unworthy job in this regard. Almost a criminal We confess that the members of the newsroom have gone berserk to beat up those responsible for this unbelievable absurdity that can make us wish Thomas Rubio back in the world of video games from time to time. I’m going to use a qualifier that I’ve never used in video game analysis: disgusting. Here’s what I think about dubbing this great little victim of Age of Pirates.

Marvel’s biggest shame

Marvel’s Spider-Man has spoiled us. After him, games like The Avengers know little about us and seem poorly planned. But before Insomniac turned us into spoiled kids, the adaptations that were waiting in stores were “tricks”, “creations”, “experiments” like Iron Man 2 on the PSP. Submit your rating of 49 to MetaCritic. There has never been a better motivational card.

His voice acting is one of Marvel’s biggest problems. A dark spot in the history of the company. It is inexplicable who gave the go-ahead for such work. We can understand why they didn’t get the voice of Robert Downey Jr. for the role, but here Tony Stark seems to be voiced by one of our cousins ​​who has warmed up and decided to start a new career in a different field of acting. We leave to you the example of those who return at night to inhabit our nightmares.

Not a Burton movie

In the same way that a great script is useless without a few actors to match it, there was a time when any self-respecting graphic adventure had to be accompanied by good dubbing. And in those years, Grim Fandango was best heard in Spanish. Its protagonist, the unforgettable Manny Calavera, was played by Richard del Olmo, who also just gave life to the protagonist of The Fugitive: Road Adventure classic Pendulo. How many votes and registers. We are still waiting for those who dare to overcome it. Everyone seemed to be in tune with his characters and immediately understood his sense of humor and personality.

In addition, the dub was accompanied by the work of Peter McConnell, a LucasArts veteran and memorable soundtrack writer, who gave us an unforgettable BSO based on jazz, bebop and swing, to which he added blues, mariachi, 50s beach rock, tango and with a gem like the gate of the temple, an elegant part of the flute, is as minimalistic as it is evocative. Rarely has a soundtrack deserved such recognition as one of the best in the industry.

But what is it?

Although the rest of the saga was released without dubbing, the first Metal Gear Solid was released in Europe in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and… Spanish. An effort that Kojima ultimately regretted because, as the developer himself revealed years ago, it involved a six-month delay. “I was flattered by the reviews, but they were too long. I’d like to voice games with as many voices as possible, but I’m also worried about the time limit. It’s a shame that an injury like this left him (he hasn’t doubled since) because this job left us with an indelible “What’s this? by SolidSerpent.

The weight of the protagonist, not only in the script of the game, but also in terms of personality and charisma, was so great that the brilliant work of Alfonso Vallez eventually infiltrated these aspects until he himself became a legend, almost as big as the character himself. If we add to this copious adult material – sex, violence, politics… – and huge helpers like Colonel Roy Campbell (Vicente Gil), Meryl (Ana Maria Camps), Naomi (Meritxell Ane), Otacon (Enrique Hernandez) or Revolver Ocelot (Javier Amilbia), the result is Metal Gear Solid, which is impossible not to mention in such an article.

Original version in Spanish and fictional languages

We’ve talked about the best and worst video game dubs, but we want to finish one of the rarest. The latest highlight is The Sims and that marvel known as simlish, a fictional language invented by Maxis, the developer of the saga. Thought Sims were just mumbling and making cute noises? You were wrong, they communicate in a language based on babbling and sounds very similar to children’s, but in which every gurgle means something. And, of course, no matter how it was invented, someone has to interpret it and bring it to life.

Simlish has sparked such passion that many people have dedicated themselves to studying it, translating it, and even erecting their own Rosetta Stone. The videos on the subject are slightly smaller than doctoral dissertations, but almost as entertaining as those shown in the voice-over sessions. Nearly. Even the actors themselves cannot contain their laughter.

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