Triangle Strategy: The Neverending Story

During the announcement of Triangle Strategy, which I saw live on our Facebook page. (Do you follow us on Facebook?), my interest piqued immediately. I love turn based strategies. I was going to play it for sure. Now that I’ve played the game for 45 hours and made it to the very end, what do I think about it?

Image Credits: Nintendo


In this game with the worst title I have ever read, we are introduced to the world of Norselia, which, after coming out of a small period of peace, finds itself in an internal war.

Throughout our adventure, characters join us and we will engage in debates that will change our trajectory. Different decisions in the adventure will lead us to different endings, and moral dilemmas are always heartbreaking.

The story is punctuated by fights that unfold exactly the way you think: in turn, the characters have a moment to move and take action. Some specialize in defense, others in magic, others in ranged attacks, and so on. In this modern chess game, we can choose the pieces that will go into battle and apply the strategy that suits us.

Beneath all this, there is money to be won and bonus points for achievements, such as attacking opponents from behind, which allow us to buy powers and items.


What Triangle Strategy does well, it’s in its name: strategy. One of the great achievements of this game is the simplification of very complex mechanics. Everything is visually clear, and you’ll never get caught up in a maelstrom of submenus or painstaking calculations.

The game is quite difficult. I had to go downstairs to complete some of the levels because I didn’t have the patience or time to figure out all the details. It’s good that a strategy game requires a lot of strategy!

The combat system is interesting, exciting and always understandable. The fights offer their fair share of twists and I loved them.

Endless story

The biggest downside for me would be the plot. It is not so surprising that people who think that Triangle Strategy This creative name will tell us a banal story.

In fact, the narrative structure on paper is held together. She is a little different from “usual partitions of medieval power”. These are dialogues that seriously lack punch. They are long. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It drags on for a long time.

In addition voice acting really general. I would cut at least 30% of the aftershocks. I was lucky enough to spend about an hour reading the text without skirmishes. I would like to be able to cut it between fight scenes.

I am not exaggerating when I say that for half an hour I played alone in Autoplay as I followed the conversations moving forward with the deeds.

We stay brutally on the surface with a lot of characters who rarely show emotion. I would like each character to have a special mission to learn more about them.

Even though the game has multiple endings, the story is too mundane and not well presented to make me want to play it again. It’s boring because the fights Indeed fun!

The environment is optimized for complex games with terrain as diverse as our characters’ stats.

This game I haven’t finished

Unlike The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which I haven’t finished yet, I’ll take the liberty of reviewing Triangle Strategy because I stopped short of the end. In fact, one of the four endings. “Best” out of four.

I got to the point where all my characters were divided into three teams, even those that I never used and never level increased. So I have one last battle with characters whose level is less than half of my opponents. I get a hard rinse.

And life is too short to grind with characters that I don’t like. Moreover, there is no interesting system for replaying the same game. You must choose tavern fights (and only one at level 2-3) to gain experience points. I don’t really want to go through the same fights many times in a row.

Not everything is lost

Where is the replay value May What comes into play is that at some important points we lean towards our advisors. They will vote on a decision that will affect the rest of the game. We have the opportunity to argue with them to make them change their mind. This way of getting to know history is interesting.

This game is BEAUTIFUL. Its pixel universe, in which you can walk the camera on all axes, is impressive! Unfortunately, this type of graphics does not convey well the emotions that the characters might experience during the many arguments that will take place in the game.

If we removed the sloppiness and lack of personality of some of the characters, the story would be much, MUCH more engaging. She still had a little and I had questions like: “Damn. What am I going to do? I don’t have a good solution! »

Triangle Strategy is a good strategy game in which you have about forty fights spread over fifty hours of play. It’s fun because that’s the main goal. It’s a blabla all around that I’d clean up in.

Demo for free. You will see that it takes about twenty minutes before the fight. This will give you an idea of ​​the pace of the game. Try it if you’re interested!