Top 10 indie games to start 2022

This time everything is fine, we are in full swing: in the next few weeks and months the world of video games will go through a desert that will take several months. If you want to feed your consoles or your PCso we’ll have to turn to indie production, which is a very good thing as this first half of 2022 has been especially rich in quality indies.


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Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

It’s a bit like Fight Club rules: it’s forbidden to talk about the content of Stanley Parable, and for the simple reason, describing the game’s content very quickly is tantamount to revealing the concept to you. So, just like when it was originally released 9 years ago, we’ll just recommend that you dive into this unique narrative “adventure” (we’re on a pure walking sim). The cult game presented here with new content and therefore new reasons to cross the office where the good Stanley works.

Rogue Legacy 2

The sequel to another iconic indie game from 2013 that arguably gave a whole new vibe to the vanishing roguelike genre. These days scammers have invaded Steam at saturation point, and yet, Rogue Legacy 2 manages to pull out of the fray with an enriched formula that hasn’t lost its luster and should keep you busy for dozens of hours.. The pedigree principle and multiple flaws (from petomania to color blindness) mixed with the fifteen classes and 8 increasingly dangerous zones of this new realm to be combed from top to bottom should give you at least a good fifty hours of enjoyment. Beware of the “youngest child” syndrome.

Salt and sacrifice

The best transposition of the Souls formula in 2D has been going on for several days now, and the latter is also particularly convincing. Salt & Sacrifice even allows itself some original concepts, such as tracking the main bosses and farming next to the monster hunter. in order to grab powerful gear sets. The emphasis in this episode is on collaboration, with a two-player adventure from start to finish and local collaboration to ensure nothing is messed up. If you’re craving a furry A-RPG after spinning Elden Ring, then Salt & Sacrifice should be able to help you.

We’ve been here forever

The acclaimed co-op game series We Were Here welcomed its latest installment this week with a new puzzle-filled adventure that immerses two players in an environment they’ll have to escape from. Communication is key to this title, which can only be viewed in couples, online co-op and, if possible, without Discord.. Forever is what you might call a sequel more of the same, with content that shouldn’t confuse old-timers (a few repetitions in puzzles), but with a license that we encourage you to find out urgently. To get a first glimpse of the concept, the first episode of We Were Here is still available for free on Steam.

Kernel Guardian

New survival / sandbox, it was a long time ago (no). Core Keeper, currently in Early Access, offers players the chance to explore an endless network of caves made up of numerous biomes ruled by increasingly powerful creatures. Your goal; unravel the mystery of the “core” planted in the middle of the map by eliminating the guardians of each biome. There are currently 5 bosses for the same amount of biomes, with progression ultimately very similar to progression in Walheim. The great strength of CK lies in its gameplay and very fast and simple evolution mechanics: everything reacts to finger and eye, no fuss in terms of gaming experience and great rhythm. A great success, which, in addition, has a great continuation for early access.


Tunic, which has been in development for a long time, finally saw the light of day a few weeks ago, and the adventure of the cute little fox has lived up to its promises and more. We were expecting a zelda-like of the whole choupi, but it ends up being a small Souls-like littered with puzzles, some of which won’t hesitate to break the fourth wall. A truly sweet and interesting adventure in which you are given nothing and where you have to unravel all the knots of your universe. little by little (there are quite a few SEZs in Tunica). Little Killer is available now on Xbox Game Pass.

Parabox Patrick

Patrick’s Parabox is a good puzzle game that will blow your mind in no time. This is a sequence of giant puzzles in which you’ll have to play with perspectives, block sizes, and a whole bunch of additional rules specific to each set of levels, in Baba is You fashion.. While the title does its best to make you swallow its ruleset smoothly, expect to seriously crack your head after the first hour of gameplay. With its original concept and exemplary game life, this is an integral part of the genre.


Developed by French studio Sloclap, already working on Absolver, Sifu offers high-tension action that many gamers consider “unfair” in difficulty. This prompted the developers to revise their copy and propose new difficulty modes in the patch, which has been available for download for several days now. Therefore, even if you do not have faith in try hard until you’re thirsty, it’s impossible not to recommend this beautiful tribute to a whole piece of Asian cinema, in addition to the amazingly effective gameplay.


A zen game par excellence, Dorfromantik challenges you to build landscaped hexagonal slab after hexagonal slab, which you’ll need to arrange in a logical manner to complete quests and objectives that, upon completion, will increase your supply of tiles. So we’re in a bit of a mix of puzzle and construction with no real purpose other than creating the largest possible environment. and achieve a fart score with optimized management of all the resources available to you.

Amber Knights

C’mon, we’re ending with another early access roguelike, with a bunch of fries and a multiplayer component that’s not so common for the genre. In Ember Knights, you combine Hades-themed battle rooms by choosing rooms that lead to different types of rewards. : additional skills, getting increased gold coins, etc. This is also early access, so the content should be enriched in the months and patches rolled out by Doom Turtle. In short, a classic, but well enough executed to grab our attention.

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