Top 10 games like Mario’s Strikers: Battle League

What is the best soccer video game of all time? While the most serious athletes and ardent football fans are sure to quote FIFA as the first game, Nintendo hopes to change the narrative with the release Mario Strikers: Battle League June 10, 2022 Celebrating the third game Mario Strikers series and first release since 2007, fighting league is a much sillier and more fun game where realism gives way to cartoonish mayhem, rule breaking and open field combat.

From similar Nintendo sports titles to more realistic competitions that are still at the forefront of gamers, all football fans are sure to enjoy the most perfect games to play along with them. Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers loaded

To experience the unique tone, tenor, game rules and controls fighting league, starting with the famous predecessor of the game is not a bad idea. Second entry in the series Mario Strikers loaded brings arcade style to the Wii game and adds awesome Mega Strikes, powerful kicks reserved for captains, and Skillshots, special moves that assistants can perform when fully charged.

With a total of 12 Mario character captains and eight assistants to choose from to form teams of five, the game has four different game modes, including the Road to the Strikers Cup tournament style, Domination mode, which allows players to split into teams of two. , Striker Solo Challenges, and Nintendo WFC Online Mode.

Street FIFA 2012

It would be almost impossible to compile the most popular football video games without mentioning FIFA, the title par excellence among all video games. However, to exchange ideas Mario Strikers: Battle League companions, Street FIFA 12 – the most appropriate name in your favorite franchise. Both games feature small teams of five that can be upgraded with accumulated skill points, and allow players to prioritize aggressive attacking and dribbling while trying to score goals.

With a much more laid-back approach that focuses on fun shots, a colorful twist, highly stylized graphics, and a chaotic, unhindered playstyle that completely ignores many of the official football rules. Street FIFA 12 it is pure happiness not to be missed.

rocket league

Another insanely inventive football game that is less about the rules of the sport and more about visceral immersion. Rocket league, is now available on Nintendo Switch. Instead of controlling human players, players participate in football matches by driving rocket-powered vehicles around an indoor field. Count FIFA meets twisted metal!

As two teams of up to 8 people try to score goals against each other, the game turns into a crazy derby filled with intense car crashes, heartbreaking battles and timed sudden death matches that provide rewards and constant thrills. Famed for intricate graphics, stunning multiplayer, and wildly inventive racing, brawling, and football mashups. rocket league absolutely perfect for Mario Strikers: Battle League Fans.

Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

While a whole list of Nintendo sports games could theoretically serve as a recommendation, none of them are more like fighting league what Mario and Sonic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. In addition to Olympic football in its most advanced version, players can practice boxing, swimming, gymnastics, surfing, skateboarding, karate, rock climbing and more. The Switch version even has Joy-Con motion controls.

Aside from the adorable Mario characters competing against Sonic and his pals, the popular Nintendo franchise’s lightweight, family-friendly board is sure to please. fighting league Fans. Football matches in the legendary sports video game of all time strike a great balance between realism and rule enforcement, making it fun for serious and casual players alike.

Nintendo Switch Sport

When Change sport was released in April 2022, fans were immediately elated that Nintendo had finally released a motion-controlled soccer game. While bowling, tennis, badminton, chambara and volleyball are also on offer, the new feature that lets you attach a Joy-Con and kick freely during football matches is too fun to ignore. As such, it is one of the best sports in the game and an absolutely perfect companion for Mario Strikers: Battle League.

In particular, playing football in local multiplayer leads to the most anarchic game dynamics imaginable, reminiscent of the chaotic whirlpool of fun that Mario Strikers: Battle League shovel.

Cartoon Network Football Superstar: Goal!!!

Another very entertaining soccer game that doesn’t take itself too seriously is the 2016 version. Cartoon Network Football Superstar: Goal!!! The quirky crossover mobile game is also available for PC, allowing players to control their favorite Cartoon Network character to win three football matches in a row. Steven, Gumball, Ben Ten, Garnet, Pearl and 11 other classic Cartoon Network characters are available to play.

Between Over the Top Soccer and Multiplayer Mayhem, the game puts more emphasis on trick shots, dribbling, aggressive tackling, and more.

Super football explosion

Released on Switch in June 2020. Super football explosion is another skill-based hyperkinetic sports game with animated graphics similar to Mario Strikers. The arcade-style title has a distinct 1990s vibe, with bright colors and cartoonish visuals that play with everyone’s childlike sensibilities, just like Mario there are always games.

With creative design, easy-to-use controls and fun online mode, Super football explosion may not push new boundaries, but for the fans fighting league, he has all the eye-catching rushes, tackles, attacks, crosses and punches one could hope for.

big goal!

One of the great things about Mario Strikers: Battle League is that players do not need to be experts in the sport to enjoy the game as much as possible. Another game that fits this score is big goal!a goofy, frenetic and not-too-serious football game that emphasizes teamwork over individual stats.

Available on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. big goal! has a deliberate retro design to play with nostalgia for old-school arcade party games that go out of style when FIFA as well as PES ahead of the market. The cartoon animation is very reminiscent of the Mario characters and was created specifically for those who do not like the strictness of football managers and data-driven football matches.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Adapted from the popular 2018 anime. Captain Tsubasa, Rise of a New Champions combines dazzling animations with gonzo football style to create another game that first entertains and then delivers results for the whole family. Whether it’s a passionate soccer player or a casual fan, the game offers a frenetic atmosphere of incredible football moves, tricks and rhythms.

how Mario Strikers: Battle League, Rise of the New Champions will primarily appeal to those who like to have fun with the characters, and the football itself is an added bonus.

Knockout City

If someone traded football for dodgeball, the result fighting league will be very similar Knockout City minus Mario characters. The free board game consists of teams using different types of bullets to attack and knock out enemies, drain their health and earn points for upgrades.

With five maps, six different story modes and a colorful array of breathtaking visuals. Knockout City it is the absolute ball to play and offers the perfect intermediate for casual and competitive sports players with a distinct combat component. Despite the absence of football, Knockout City is mandatory for fighting league Fans.

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