Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Games to Earn

The GameFi sector is revolutionizing gaming and innovating many ecosystems in the cryptocurrency market. Here are the best Play-to-Earn games developed with this new blockchain technology. Since its inception, it has continued to provide quality games that every member can play and earn money at the same time. Here are the top 10 best games in the GameFi sector.

GameFi Leader StepN

This is a Move-to-Earn platform where the NFTs involved are pairs of running shoes. The minimum price is quite high and must be paid in tokens (SOL), Solana’s blockchain cryptocurrency. It used to be around 14 SOL, making it a high financial barrier game. So, in order to earn more money and rewards, each player needs to unlock several pairs of sneakers.

DeFi kingdoms

One of the leaders in the GameFi sector, this is a game that relies heavily on the concept of a decentralized exchange. Users can stake JEWEL tokens to earn huge annual returns that can sometimes exceed 1000%.


Aavegotchi remains very similar to the Tamagotchi concept in which players take care of small virtual animals. In this case, it is the ghost that will serve as a guarantee of receiving a reward for staking. The minimum price is £2090.


This is a card collecting and trading game that each member can play to win money, have fun or build a collection. The base tier is free and each player must pay $10 to access the entire game and take advantage of multiple options.


GenoPets belongs to the category of games where each player’s avatar earns points by moving around the real world. Its floor price previously exceeded 51 SOL, while the floor price of NFT Genopets habitat was around 60 SOL.

Axie Infinity, an important GameFi game

This is a fighting game in which each player raises, collects and fights with their avatars in the GameFi sector. Axie NFT is currently available starting at $6, making it a truly accessible game for everyone.

Benji Bananas

The concept of the game is quite simple: you have to swing on vines, overcome obstacles and stay on the surface as long as possible. It debuted as a free-to-play mobile game with no blockchain features. Rewards paid in Primate can be exchanged for ApeCoin (APE) token.


It is an Ethereum based fantasy RPG game. In the 3D world, players can explore, capture and fight the Illuvials to earn rewards. The native gaming token ILV has lost value in the market lately. Illuvium is free to play, but each player can spend money to improve their avatars if they wish.


Mirandus belongs to the category of MMORPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) Play-to-Earn, which are played in an open world. To start playing and enjoy all the features of the game, which is due out this year, you will have to pay 0.0688 ETH.

Step app and GameFi

The Step App game remains similar to StepN in the Move-to-Earn game concept. Once the user has completed the exercise with the requested equipment, they are rewarded. To do this, each player must put on a pair of sneakers to start playing. They also need to deposit FITFI tokens in the game in order to receive many rewards.


GameFi games offer players many features to make money and have fun. They cover several areas, allowing you to diversify the gameplay depending on the profile of each player. How projects Will GameFi evolve? in the long term?

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