There are more and more inclusive games in the Orleans agglomeration designed for children with disabilities.

Like all their other buddies, the “extra” kids want to be able to play in the park, swing or laugh on the turnstile. The good news is that inclusive games designed for children with disabilities are growing throughout the Orleans metropolis. It is the fruit of many years of work by several parents, tireless activists and daily fighters. But it pays off!

The only adapted swing in the Loire

This Saturday, June 18, the inclusive swing (the only one in the department!) will be open in the Parc de la Valigniere in Semois at 11:00., close to the already existing area. Its cost: 30,000 euros.

Then the association Un Avenir Pour Maé, whose project leader is the president, proposes a civic picnic.

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intended for children with sensory or autistic disabilities (this one did not arrive on Thursday, June 16),” Emily Amaro clarifies.

Inclusive swing suitable for children with disabilities to be installed in a park in Semoye all the way south in Oliva, the various modules on the existing playground on the banks of the Loire will arrive at the beginning of the school year.

: Trampolines and carousels selected at the consultation. This initiative again belongs to the mother of Luna, a 5-year-old girl with multiple disabilities. Again, it was born thanks to the votes of citizens with a shared budget (204 votes) of the municipality.It is not normal to enter this type of budgets

for these projects,” Hayat Ezzarhui pointed out to the elected representatives of the Olivetians.

The City of Olivet specifies that the bird’s nest swing has been in existence since the spring in Larry Park and Place Orme Grenier. This is not specific equipment, but may be available for some children with disabilities in a recumbent position.

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The lines are moving

“The lines are moving,” says Marina Saadani, president of Des Rêves pour Yanis: “The city of Orleans is very receptive. We all wish we had a 100% inclusive playground like Vanna (52). But this is already a big success, step by step. Our children will be included in future projects

: Once the area is done or redone, they should think about doing something appropriate.” The private school Le Renard et la Rose in Saint-Marceau offeredcreate an inclusive sensory garden in the Parc Leon Chenot

. This €80,000 project received 353 votes in the latest share budget and will therefore be implemented. Purpose: to stimulate the five senses of children as well as the elderly of the area. The opening is due in September.

In Saint-Jean-des-Brays, the mother responded to the call for projects to install adapted games.

For now, the only wheelchair accessible turnstiles are on the Belneuf Plain and in the Bel Air Park in Ingres.

Turnstile of Bel Air Park in Ingres.
Another wheelchair-accessible turnstile on the Belneuf Plain in Orléans.

The purpose of these steps is to be able tolist these children with disabilities as their healthy friends

. These games will sometimes be wheelchair accessible and sometimes safer, particularly with seat belts. Sometimes they will also be open to everyone, with priority given to children with disabilities. In this way, these families will have less of the impression of “living in a parallel world”, and, on the contrary, they will be able to create a connection.

It will be followed by a sports festival open to all children up to 12 years of age. Two adapted sports will be presented to everyone: boccia (petanque adapted for all handicaps) and showdown (a sound game of shuffleboard adapted for people with disabilities).

visually impaired).

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