the three best runs of the Rainbow Route

All players Mario Kart I know Rainbow Road well: since the first game of the series on the Super Nintendo, it has traditionally been the last track of the game’s last cup.

Set in space, this course usually has few or no safety barriers, making it particularly challenging, even if it is often among the players’ favorite courses.

To date, there are eleven different rainbow routes, one for each of the eight main games, as well as two retro versions of the very first in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8as well as a retro version of the same Mario Kart 64 in Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe therefore it currently includes three of the eleven Route Arc-en-ciel routes, but more may be added due to expansion. Here is a list of the top three rainbow trails that we hope to see again soon.

1. Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 7

This is definitely the best Rainbow Road in any game. Mario Kart. This three-section route includes many air crossings, which is one of the novelties Mario Kart 7 : we even have to cross the asteroid field shortly before the finish line! Not without first riding the undulating roads and rings of the planet, exploring craters and a kaleidoscopic tunnel, or jumping on a star mushroom. The race is as diverse as it is beautiful, which has not aged at all.

2. Mario Kart Rainbow Road

Rainbow Route route Mario Kart Super Track very twisty: hairpin turns, hairpin turns… It is better to have good kart control so as not to end up in a vacuum, especially since the edges of the track are a bit unusual. Indeed, the track is almost completely lined with ski jumps! If it seems dangerous at first glance, it’s also a great way to expertly cut certain turns. Although it is rather difficult to imagine how the scheme could be adapted to Mario Kart 8 Deluxethis new approach will please karting virtuosos.

3. Mario Kart DS Rainbow Road

Curbs, loops or even helixes: Rainbow Road on Mario Kart DS by far the most difficult track to master in this version, where the weight of the pilots plays a big role. Be careful not to get caught in the middle of the fight if you’re playing a light character or you risk being sent into the galactic void! Also beware of accelerators placed in corners: yes, this is a good way to gain speed, but you have to control your vehicle well so as not to end up in the background, especially since the track is quite narrow. .

Will we have the right to remaster one of these Rainbow Roads in the next waves of content from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ? We should know soon!

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