The most original concepts of Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct

Game news The most original concepts of Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct

The tunnel of games featured during the Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct tonight is hard to navigate completely. Many will even say that they have the impression that they have seen the same concept appear a good ten times. But there are still games that caught our attention with their originality. They are here.


Lovebirb is like Tinder for feathered beasts, which we certainly didn’t expect to see during the Wholesome Direct. Naturally, this concept might make you think of Hatoful Boyfriend. But this is not about flirting with a whole flock of birds in the skin of a man, but about two winged beasts copulating with each other. There isn’t a lot of info at the moment, but the title seems to bring together mini-rhythm games similar to courtship displays. Title signed by Anonymous Penguin Studio. And the good news is, it’s available for free on the platform.

paper trail

Paper Trail first aroused our curiosity with its delightful artwork, and then with its charming concept: the player must follow the character’s path by moving the pages of the book they are standing on. We portray Paige, a young university student who leaves her family home to pursue her studies. Thus, it is necessary to bend the world in order to fully explore it and reveal even the smallest of its secrets. Along the way, the heroine will meet a number of characters who will share with her their vision of the universe. Please note that the demo is already available on the Steam platform. The title is expected soon on PC and consoles.

traces of thought

traces of thought is a cute game set on a train where the journey takes a very strange turn after a mysterious tunnel makes all passengers forget their final destination. As you may have realized, your goal as a player will be to unravel this very mysterious phenomenon. To help you, you can chat with a dozen passengers on board. Some, unfortunately, will not be very interested in cooperation, and therefore you will have to use the card system of the battle of wits, where the goal is to resolve the conflict and find common ground. Please note that the demo is already available on the Steam platform. The title will soon be released on PC.

postal time

AT postal timeadventure”random cottagecore“, the player explores a peaceful forest and gets a job as a mail scout. With your adorable mushroom hat and a bag full of letters, you will have to deliver mail in the forest of Grinchegrove. We promise you to discover a warm world where you can get close to all kinds of forest creatures :”From poetic frogs to punk rock woodpeckers and grumpy squirrels, these eclectic creatures need your input.The experience promises to be very relaxing and progress at your own pace. Your character cannot die either. Please note that the demo is already available on the Steam platform. The title is planned for PC and Switch in 2022.

Walk with Yaya

In A Walk With Yiayia, a narrative adventure game, you will take your Greek grandmother on a walk around the countryside.after she lost confidence after a frightening fallYour experience mostly consists of talking, quietly exploring the environment, and completing microquests throughout the area.


Spiral is a narrative exploration game from Folklore Games that poetically presents cognitive degeneration. We will follow more closely the story of Bernard, an old man who wants to relive the sweetest memories of his life for the last time with his family and friends: “On this journey, you will visit over twenty key memories that helped define the person he would become.“. Please note that a demo is available on Steam. The game is expected to arrive soon on PC and consoles.

American Arcadia

We have already seen the American Arcadia several times – a completely new game from the Call of the Sea studio. It offers you a trip to Arcadia, a utopian and futuristic city with a seventies vibe. Only this American dream also has serious flaws that will undermine our protagonist. The entire city is one giant reality show with its residents being filmed around the clock, making it one of the most watched shows in the world. Faced with this deception, Trevor decides to break out of his banal life in order to extricate himself from this giant prank. After that, the authorities gave chase. The RAW Fury editor working on the project has yet to announce a release date, but has already confirmed a PC version.