The Montargo agglomeration is preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games.

From July 26 to Sunday August 11, 2024, France and Paris will host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The biggest sporting event in the world will take place in just two years, but in the Montargo area, we already live a little in the days of the Games.

Last year, the first edition of “The Flame in the Heart of AME” was held : 22 km race connecting six venues labeled “2024 Olympics Preparation Center”.

What are the dates for the next sporting events in Montargis?

On the occasion of International Olympic and Paralympic Day, the event is being repeated this Wednesday, June 15, from scheduled departure from Amily’s dojo at 13:30. to arrive at the Stade Champfleuri in Montargis at around 16:30 The same principle as last year: the race will be held in relay, only 19 kilometers, with distances of 550 meters for the youngest participants and 2.5 km for the most experienced racers. Each relay race consists of ten members of the sports clubs of the agglomeration; two will be provided by elected officials and merchants in the rue Doré in Montargis.

USM Montargis football adapted sports section to overcome the barrier of disability.

The course, which takes place in the cities of Amilley, Chalette-sur-Loing and Montargis, is designed to emphasize the richness of the territory, such as canals, Scandiberik, forest, architectural and cultural heritagebut also, of course, the sports facilities that are likely to host sports delegations during the next Olympics.

Thus, Amily’s dojo could be used for training. judo and taekwondoPuiseux (Montargis) gymnasium to the gymnasiums foreign handball playersGymnasium Neveu (Montargis) in artistic gymnasticsand the Beraud and Champfleury (Montargis) stadiums. football and rugby sevens. The BMX Châlette-sur-Loing track will be reserved for BMX racers.

Chalet circuit, national landmark

Does the agglomeration have a chance to accept high-level foreign athletes? Yes, according to Damien Lubak, Agglo’s head of sports policy, who highlights the quality of the facilities, such as the BMX track at Chalettoise. “There are very few in the country ; the Châlette circuit is a national benchmark,” says Damien Lubac.

Recall that a few years ago, the Chinese came to the suburb of Montargo to carefully study the equipment for developing their own track in Châteauroux with the aim of holding the same games in 2024 and creating a Chinese sports university.

Event for foreign delegations

According to the agglomeration services, the Amili Dojo and Neveu Gymnasium will most likely be used well before 2024. “Foreign delegations may well come a year or even a year and a half before the Games to limit travel and expenses“, comments Damien Lubak. “Athletes from smaller delegations would also be more accessible to the residents of the agglomeration. The goal is to be able to share this event with them. “

Therefore, the city of Montargoise does its best to show its desire. Residents are also encouraged to support the initiative by encouraging torchbearers along the route on Wednesday. The event should repeat in 2023, then in 2024.until the events in Paris.

The course of the second edition of “La Flamme au cœur de l’AME” can be found on the Youtube channel of the Montargoise agglomeration.

Pascal Audito