TapNation: game editor for smartphones

Promote and develop games for smartphones

ATHave you created a smartphone game and think it has potential?

TapNation is undoubtedly the solution you need to move on. With advanced technological tools and effective marketing methods, the publisher has already enabled more than twenty games to become bestsellers. In the publishing house, everything is developed in-house. The technology used allows collecting data and analyzing the behavior of players. With it, TapNation can assess the potential of a game by measuring its competitiveness and retention.

Then, after these first tests, the publisher improves the game to make it indispensable for players. Little by little, the game is modified to find a version that hits the target. A/B testing, remote setup, building libraries… The goal is to attract users who will quickly deliver value over a period that ranges from 3 days to 1 week.

Expert and creative teams

To achieve these results, TapNation has surrounded itself with the best. At the time of its inception, TapNation had 5 employees. There were 18 in 2020 and 30 next year. But development is so important that the company decided to support its teams by hiring new talent, with the goal of having 50 employees by the end of 2022.

Among them we find all the necessary skills: game artists, game developers and technical specialists such as data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. Of course, a love of video games is a prerequisite for joining a team. Once hired, employees can work from anywhere in the world, as can the various experts that TapNation has hired from around the world. But to help bring the team together, the editor organizes a collaborative moment in the villa once a semester.

TapNation: for whom?

TapNation has the potential to support all smartphone game creators. Although the publisher started out with hyper-casual games that were simple and easy to learn, it has since opened up to hybrid casual games where players pay to develop. In the future, the publisher wants to develop IAP games and other hybrid games.

Artists come from different countries. What’s more, among the top-ranking games in the portfolio created by TapNation, we find Ice Cream Inc and Giant Rush, which generated 180 and 150 million downloads, respectively, and were widely picked up by influencers. Two nuggets that appeared thanks to the talent of Russian and Indian designers. In total, the company supported twenty games, equivalent to 15,000 years of game time and 500 million downloads.

Building on its success, TapNation set up an in-house development studio where the publisher created an exclusive hit game: Figurine Art, which became the third most downloaded game in the world. With 5 million downloads in 1 week, pop culture itself and the PC game are enjoying considerable enthusiasm. Since 2019, TapNation has established itself as a top publisher, in high demand with creators hoping their game will be the next hit. There is no doubt that the company will continue to grow, especially since it is now considering acquiring other technology and creative companies to enrich the existing model.