Summer Game Fest 2022: The Last Faith, the 2D-like Dark Souls game, appears in ultra-violent trailer

Game news Summer Game Fest 2022: The Last Faith, the 2D-like Dark Souls game, appears in ultra-violent trailer

Keep your eyes peeled: If you like Bloodborne universes, 2D pixel art games, and out-of-control blood splatter, The Last Faith might be for you. The game was announced tonight at Summer Game Fest 2022 along with a teasing trailer.

Bloodborne in 2D, with lots of blood

The Last Faith, developed by a small studio Kumi Souls Games, was again celebrated this evening at the Future Games Show … causing a big sensation among Internet users. Officially inspired by Fromsoftware games as well as the metroidvania formula, this is a 2D pixel art game set in a ruthless gothic universe filled with creatures and traps.

Then our hero will go through difficult levels.arsenal-backed “melee weapons, arcane spells and ranged firearms”and then allows you to optimize scalable gameplay based on enemies and environments.

A cruel game of blood for blood

The trailer released tonight during Summer Game Fest 2022, which you can also enjoy in our video player above, sets the tone: The Last Faith promises to be extremely violent, with a lot of gore and very cheesy performances.

As for the storyline, we’ll step into the shoes of Eric, waking up in a devastated world with no memory of his immediate past… only to find his mind and conscience starting to deteriorate. During his journey, he will encounter ancient religions and deities.

The Last Faith is expected in 2022 on PC via cook for a couplePlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Summer Game Fest 2022: The Last Faith, the 2D-like Dark Souls game, appears in ultra-violent trailer

About the Summer Game Festival

What is the Summer Game Festival?

There won’t be E3 this year, but we can still look forward to another world-class event: Summer Game Fest, a big show dedicated to video game announcements coming out this or next years. It was in 2020 that journalist and host Geoff Keighley first launched this now unmissable festival. Last year, the show featured amazing footage from Elden Ring; so inevitably the third iteration has high expectations.

When does Summer Game Fest 2022 start?

Summer Game Fest will take place this Thursday, June 9th at 20:00. The show will again be followed by a Day of the Devs session focusing on the independent scene.

How to follow Summer Game Fest 2022?

On JV we will be responding live to announcements from LeStream along with Maxildan and in particular Aymeric LallĂ©e. The show will also be directly visible as a teaser on JV’s homepage. And for those who prefer to read, you will of course find our news throughout the conference. Written CV will also be available

What is the program of Summer Game Fest 2022?

Among the games not to be missed is in particular the successor to Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, which shows us its first gameplay images. For its part, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 presents us with its first level. Also on the program: Gotham Knights, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Aarin Flynn’s (formerly Bioware) studio’s first game Nightingale, the JRPG One Piece Odyssey, the free Warframe game, or even Planet of Lana. Geoff Keighley further announced: “We have some new game announcements for this show and hopefully some surprises if all goes well. But it’s definitely a show that mostly focuses on predictable things..”