Summer Game Fest: 10 Game Announcements You Can Take From Day 3 Talks

Last night was very rich in announcements of new games and gameplay videos of promising indie titles.. Looking forward to the big Microsoft conference that should reveal more about the Xbox and Bethesda games coming in the next few months or even the next few years.

Partisan team

Opening this third night live, the Guerilla Collective finally set the tone for the rest of the evening: indie, indie and more indie.. This obviously did not disappoint us, as it allowed us to take a fresh look at the already announced games and discover quite interesting new items.

  • Alaloth: Defenders of the Four Kingdoms Available in Early Access on June 30 on Steam, Alaloth offers players the opportunity to experience C-RPG gameplay “between tradition and modernity” that is hard to ignore.
  • Skald: Against the Black Priory Big, well-stylized pixel art again, with a unique art direction and sublime paintings to support the story. The game will offer the gameplay of classic turn-based battles.
  • Young A very charming action platform game, already announced before, but which comes out much brighter here, with gameplay somewhat reminiscent of that of Inside seen from afar. On the other hand, we are quite skeptical about the face of the protagonist.

Healthy Direct

Live mimi games are full, and the conference is literally overflowing with announcements and trailers: in one hour, dozens of independent games were presented, with relative visibility. Especially since it took a lot of abuse of “too peep” farming games and titles that quietly claimed to be Animal Crossing. Still a good live, with a lot of promising cold experiences.

  • Terra Nile – Published by Devolver and developed by Free Lives, TN is a full featured 2D city builder. cold, a bit in the same vein as a certain Dorfromantik, released not so long ago. You must restore the biodiversity of the planet by combining environmentally friendly devices.
  • paper trail – A puzzle game with an original art direction, Paper Trail offers an equally original core gameplay as you have to bend the edges of the screen to assemble the tables so that they form a path for your little character.
  • Passepartout 2 – It’s hard to remain indifferent to the charm of this “painting simulator” in which you’ll have to sell your work and make a name for yourself in the small town of Phoenix by collecting new artist’s tools.

Game show of the future

Live as suggested by GamesRadar, the FGS ended up being a great follow-up to the first two meetings of the evening, with unfortunately a few reruns to regret (indeed, one of the biggest flaws in all of these SGF releases). There was more good news, here are the ones we have saved.

  • Last Faith – Metroid meets spirits in this brilliant pixel art game that still promises a lot. Plus, it shouldn’t take too long, as it’s set to release this year on consoles and PC.
  • Entropy Center – Having Portal as inspiration is a good idea. The once fashionable FPS puzzles are becoming increasingly rare these days. In any case, what we have seen from TEC still looks very inspiring, with original systems and a nice gun.
  • Phonopolis – Return to the business of Amanita Design, the creators of Machinarium and the excellent Chcuhel. We’re changing the context, but not quite the genre, with Phonopolis, an adventure with beautifully sketched visuals.
  • Lana’s planet – We finally got a chance to see more, and as expected, this will be the successor to Flashback and Another World with a fairly linear 2D game, interspersed with puzzles and relying on its storytelling on the Limbo or Inside path to stand out, be noticeable.


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