Student: Top 10 Video Games That Nearly Ruined Your Study!

If you’re a student and love video games, here’s a list of the ones most likely to keep you repeating.

Video games are a real addiction, and a student can quickly drop out of school if they start immersing themselves in one of these virtual adventures. Here is a list of 10 titles to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your education. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Student world during exams

Educational exams at the end of the year officially launched on May 11. So this Friday the 13th is the last day for future graduates.

Thus, test stress in the student world is starting to decline, giving way to results stress. For their part, the teachers are preparing to put their hands in the dough for correction.

And this year is expected to be a major novelty that will shake up the organization. Indeed, for the first time all copies will be digitized.

In fact, teachers will no longer have a paper sheet. They will have to work on the computer. A radical change that should prevent “mixing copies”.

In any case, if you’re a student and you’re worried about not getting your high school diploma, it could be because you’ve been distracted all year.

Maybe through video games? Eh yes! This is a real addiction, and some of them can ruin your studies. Today the editors reveal to you list of 10 names to avoid if you don’t want to catch up. Or even worse… Start your year from the very beginning.

Student: Top 10 Video Games That Nearly Ruined Your Study!

Video games to avoid

The World Health Organization is formal. video games can have harmful effects on a student. They can even cause gaming frustration. Real disease!

According to the WHO, this disorder is reduced to loss of game control“. I.e, “The game is given increased attention, to the point that it takes precedence over other interests and daily activities. »

“And by continuing or increasing the practice of gambling despite the devastating consequences. » Here is a list of the most popular video games in the college world.

Fortnite number 1 in the student world

Fortnite is probably a video game most valued in the student world. He’s going to todayover 350 million players. And this is for the simple and good reason that it is free and available to everyone. Attention ! You will quickly become addicted.

Minecraft №2 in the student world

In addition, Minecraft is also on the podium of successful video games. This unusual universe allows the student to give free rein to their imagination. Good that can still be dangerous. Especially for your education.

League of Legends №3 in the student world

Moreover, League of Legends is one of the mythical creations of the gaming universe.


Thus, there is no doubt that GTA should also have entered the list of the most popular games among young people. Brutal and ultra-realistic, this one might have bad consequences for the student.

World of Warcraft

If your child is a fan of role-playing games, he should quickly become addicted to World of Warcraft.

Clash of the clan

If Clash of Clan allows you to develop certain abilities, it can also be very exciting. Be careful not to let yourself be drawn into a hellish spiral.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go has lost some of its luster. But when he was still popular, EVERYONE got into the shoes of a coach.

candy crush

Eh yes! It may be hard for you to believe, but not only moms can become addicted to Candy Crush. A student can get hooked too. Especially during class…


A student could play this game for hours.

Ultimate Team in FIFA

Finally, the last game and not least. For some young people football is sacred!