Sightseeing tours: Treasure hunt in the heart of Paris for the whole family!

Parisian streets
From June 15 to December 30, 2022

A theatrical and interactive visit that immerses you in the past of the Parisian places that you cross without seeing them: rediscover them in an immersive experience in the heart of the capital’s historical monuments.

Both the visit and the investigation are like a treasure hunt… And also a street performance with a guide-actor in costumes. In short, this is a concept that needs to be tested immediately!

  • Palais-Royal investigation : Paris, 1841. At the foot of the stairs leading to the private detective agency of the famous Eugene-Antoine Vidocq lies the lifeless body of the sulphurous Duchess Blanche de Condry. Vidocq, suspected of the crime, is arrested by the police. He only has time to slip a mysterious encrypted message to his faithful “researcher”: Lazar Minotti. Time is running out, it is absolutely necessary to find the real culprit of this dark affair and free Vidocq, whom the police want to take revenge on. You will lead the investigation together with Lazar Minotti! Clues are hiding everywhere… Can you spot the culprit?
  • Père Lachaise investigation : Paris, our days. The legendary tranquility of the largest and most romantic of Parisian cemeteries has been shattered by a gruesome find! The body of Lina Galren, a young literature student accustomed to the shady streets of Père Lachaise, is found dead on the grave of Jean de la Fontaine. The commissioner is already there and needs your help in the investigation! This whole mystery seems to revolve around a book that kills or for which they kill … Can you shed light on this dark matter?
  • Looking for love in Saint-Germain-des-Pres : Saint Germain is full of mysteries… Including a terrible and romantic love curse! Indeed, a strange tradition has been passed down from generation to generation among the women of the Legillo. They all betray the love of their lives! Why does Eloise, the “guide” in Saint-Germain, see her mother leave her father as a child? Why did her grandmother, a great friend of Boris Vian, end such a wonderful relationship so abruptly? Is there a connection between the death of Eugène Delacroix and his young and always devoted Jenny Legillo? From the turbulent 21st century to the enigmatic Middle Ages, through the silent feminist revolutions of the Great Terror and the swing dancing of the 40s, collect clues and unravel the mystery of Legillo!
  • The Wonderful Legend of the Tuileriess: It all starts with the discovery of a mysterious herbarium in the cellars of the Musée Jeu-de-Paume… Between the pages of this old notebook there are many dried flowers, one rarer than the other, and some even completely different varieties… forgotten! But who does it belong to? A date, a few scribbled words, a bit of deduction, and voila! This notebook belonged to the botanist Alfege Gani, whose descendants sowed thousands of miracles in the Tuileries. Follow Alphège Ganis! Who knows, if you listen carefully… Maybe you will meet the ghost of Charles Perrault, or witness the first flight in a hydrogen balloon, or run into the robber Philidore le Balafra!

Try to win a seat for these visits during our La Grande cueillette de la Culture event on July 3rd at the Palais Royal. More information about the Association “Culture and City” here.

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