Semikron chooses ST technology for its SiC modules for electric vehicles

STMicroelectronics announces supply of its silicon carbide (SiC) technology. Semicron, a German manufacturer of power modules used in electric vehicles (EVs). Semikron recently announced that it has signed a € 1 billion contract to supply its eMPack power modules to a major German automaker starting in 2025.

Today’s announcement culminates a technical collaboration that the two companies began four years ago to qualify ST power components made of silicon carbide (SiC) to achieve higher levels of efficiency and set benchmarks in more compact systems. According to the Franco-Italian semiconductor manufacturer, silicon carbide is fast becoming the best power technology for car manufacturers for electric vehicle traction systems, helping to increase reliability and power reserve.

Semikron recently signed a € 1 billion contract to supply its eMPack power modules to a major German automaker starting in 2025.

The high-tech capabilities of ST silicon carbide components and extensive experience in this technology have allowed us to integrate these advanced semiconductors into our advanced manufacturing processes, increasing reliability, power and scalability to meet the needs of the automotive industry. When we move to the mass production phase, our cooperation with ST is a guarantee of a reliable supply chain that allows us to control the quality and productivity of delivery. said Karl-Heinz Gaubac, CEO and CTO of Semikron.

In addition to its transformative impact on electric mobility, our third-generation SiC technology helps increase efficiency, productivity and reliability in industrial power management and environmentally friendly applications. Using our SiC technology, advanced power modules Semikron’s scalable eMPack family ready to make a big contribution to zero-emission powertrains adds Edoardo Merley, general manager of the power transistor subgroup and executive vice president of STMicroelectronics.

ST and Semikron engineers have worked together to integrate the SiC Mosfets ST, responsible for controlling the power switching in the main traction inverter of electric vehicles, into the DPD assembly process (Stamp of direct pressing) completely sintered from Semicron. In addition to improving the performance and reliability of the modules, the DPD assembly process allows you to adjust power and voltage at the best price. Using chip-supplied SiC Mosfets ST options, Semikron has created 750 V and 1200 V eMPack platforms for applications from 100 kW to 750 kW and for battery systems from 400 V to 800 V.

According to Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting, the global SiC device market will reach $ 6.3 billion in 2027 from $ 1,137 million in 2021 (see articles).

Semicron is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power modules and systems, operating mainly in the range of average power from about 2 kW to 10 MW. Its products are the basis of energy-efficient industrial automation and engine control systems. Other applications include power supplies, renewable energy sources (wind and solar) and electric vehicles (sedans, vans, buses, trucks, forklifts, etc.). Semikron is a family business founded in 1951 with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. Today, the company employs more than 3,000 people in 24 subsidiaries around the world.