SEGA chooses Qlik to improve its popular mobile games with analytics

Qlik® is now helping SEGA make the business more data-centric. Using Qlik Sense®, the video game market leader has been able to optimize its mobile gaming business by generating faster and more detailed insights that help increase gamer engagement.

In recent years, SEGA has recognized the growing importance of the mobile phone video game market. To improve its games, the company relies on data to better understand the ever-changing needs of gamers and empower its business teams and developers to make informed decisions. For each game, analysts must perform complex analysis of a huge amount of game data and external information from various sources, such as social networks and advertising, in order to improve the product.

To do this, analysts very regularly produce many analytical reports, which often requires the creation of algorithms that can integrate both new indicators and external data. Until now, this manual approach has made it difficult and time consuming for analysts to get insights quickly and easily.

Therefore, SEGA has integrated Qlik solutions, including Qlik Sense, into its portfolio to combine multiple data sources and automate the generation of regular reports. Thus, analysts get the opportunity to independently collect, process and analyze relevant data. They can also integrate data from external sources without having to write complex algorithms.

Analysts can now automatically generate 450 different reports, reducing their analysis workload by an average of 170 hours per game. Qlik’s ability to integrate and standardize data frees up time to focus on more complex tasks. They can also get player insights faster, detect issues earlier, test assumptions, plan improvements, and change direction based on market trends.

Masaki Takeuchi, Head of Business Analytics & Data, Business Planning, Game Content & Services Division at SEGA: “With Qlik, our analysts can free themselves from the daily tasks of reporting and spend more time solving complex data. analysis tasks. By extracting more relevant information faster from more data sources, our teams have a much better understanding of market fluctuations and can analyze game performance from multiple perspectives. We now have an analytics environment that allows us to actively focus on building our next hit game. »

“We’re excited to help SEGA analyze their data more effectively and learn more about their games. Through the vision of Qlik Active Intelligence, SEGA gains real-time insights that can lead to immediate action, enabling it to develop a data-driven corporate culture to develop even better video games. commented Hiroshi Imai, the regional manager of QlikTech Japan KK