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The 2022 Wall models feature incredible technological innovations, including the slimmest display, with a pixel pitch of just P.063

Samsung is showcasing the future of Micro LED technology at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona, ​​introducing three new models of its advanced The Wall display technology.

“Micro LED technology is ready to define the future of innovative displays. From the luxury industry to hospitality and travel, the potential of Micro LEDs is endless. This technology allows companies to do more, This was stated by Evert Van Kemp, director of the Samsung Benelux display. “ISE is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, and we are pleased to present our expanded range of The Wall. The new generation of Wall technology equalizes the benefits that exceed expectations, transforming any business and opening up new opportunities. »

2022 The Wall – Introducing the best pixel pitch in history
As part of this release, ISE Samsung will present its The Wall model of 2022 (model name: IWB), an innovative modular Micro LED display that delivers immersive viewing experiences in widescreen, high-resolution format. IWB will be available in 0.63 and 0.94 mm increments, with 0.63 being the best pixel pitch in The Wall range. The new screen is now available for pre-order worldwide.

IWB’s micro-step characteristics provide the most detailed image and dynamic range expansion from Samsung thanks to a frame rate of 120 Hz, HDR10 / 10 + and LED HDR. Once installed, The Wall supports a variety of screen sizes, from 4K movies for 110-inch to stunning 8K for 220-inch quality to meet any consumer or business need. This resolution is enhanced by a powerful Micro AI (Artificial Intelligence) processor that instantly analyzes every second of content and optimizes image quality by suppressing noise.

The overall size of the enclosures has been increased, allowing businesses and consumers to install only four enclosures to customize the UHD display. The result: a faster, more profitable operation. The enhanced display enhances large, high-resolution displays and helps improve mechanical quality to provide exciting views while improving fine-tuning. In fact, installation time has been reduced, which gives significant advantages to businesses compared to conventional LED displays.

The Wall is also equipped with advanced technology. First, with Multi View The Wall allows you to play multiple sources, up to four, on one screen, without additional separators to display dynamic content. Next, In-screen Black Seal technology creates a transparent canvas for a cleaner level of black with ultra-low reflection film, which was applied to minimize the reflection of external light. Finally, thanks to 20-bit processing, The Wall provides exceptional image quality and smooth viewing, backed by a peak of 2000 nits, which provides a clearer image.

The Wall All-in-One is an innovative and practical installation
Also this year in Barcelona was presented a multifunctional device Wall All-in-One (model name: IAB) in three different models: 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch and 2K 110-inch. This incredible next-generation display is synonymous with innovation not only in terms of viewing but also installation. The standard resolution of The Wall All-in-One is a 16: 9 form factor. The product, which is sold for only one display, will be available worldwide after ISE 2022.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of The Wall All-in-One is its easy installation, which includes a pre-installed gasket as well as a “pre-assembled frame set”. This set, which makes the whole process as simple as a home TV, includes an internal decorative 16: 9 screen frame and a built-in S-box media player. Assembly also reduces the total cost of ownership.

The wall-mounted multifunction device has a sleek design with a display thickness of just 49 mm or a total installation width of 59 mm when measured from wall to screen. This slim Infinity frameless design provides a direct input connection to the display without a separate device. The result: neat and easy installation.

Moreover, thanks to 20-bit processing, Black Seal technology and a Micro AI processor, two 146-inch 4K displays can be installed side by side to create a 32: 9 aspect ratio model with removable function, creating an entire wall with an exceptional image. quality.

A set of universal displays that adapt to the new era – from electric car charging station to hybrid classroom
In addition to industry-leading Micro LED technology, Samsung is taking advantage of ISE to introduce several new displays that meet the ever-changing needs of this new era. The new line will be an example of Samsung’s constant innovation in creating solutions, including contactless communication and improved security features.

The visibility of the latest line of vintage outdoor displays Samsung 2022 on the street (model name: OHA 55 ”, 75 ”) has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the slim composition provides easy installation and long-term operation with IP56 certification. protection. Thanks to its robust and high-performance equipment, OHA can work in many circumstances. One of the uses is the charging stations for electric vehicles (EV), the demand for which is increasing along with the growth of sales of electric vehicles worldwide.

In the field of education, Samsung continues to provide a hybrid learning experience with its innovative solutions and products. The new Samsung Flip Pro 2022 (model name: WMB) is presented in two large models with a diagonal of 75 and 85 inches (model name: WMB) – an interactive whiteboard that can provide teachers and students with great convenience and special features to meet educational needs constantly evolving.

A new addition to the Samsung Flip Pro, USB Type-C connectivity provides built-in video and power control (65W charging), and industry-leading touch lag and multitouch capabilities allow you to work on video at the same time. maximum 20 people1. New additions to the intuitive control panel, brightness control sensors and four front and rear speakers enhance the overall classroom experience and ensure seamless video communication in the remote or hybrid class. Finally, SmartView + connects up to 50 devices simultaneously to the display wirelessly and allows you to view up to four displays, ideal for large conference rooms as well as digital classes. Because the technology runs smoothly in the background, this product is convenient for teachers and students.

The ISE 2022 Virtual Experience site allows visitors to experience innovative products and display solutions that will be presented on the site in virtual mode. For more information on Samsung solutions and digital signage, follow the link

The Samsung stand will be located at Gran Via, Hall 3, 3F600, Barcelona from 10 to 13 May 2022.

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