Roblox Untitled Combat Arena Cheats (June 2022)

Image via Dragon Bal fan club xDDDD

Untitled Combat Arena is a Roblox game developed by the dragon bal fan club xDDDD. There are several free fighting styles in Untitled Combat Arena. Once you have chosen one, you will need to earn money by launching attacks against NPCs or other players. The more money you accumulate, the better fighting styles you can integrate into your fighting style. The game really improves when you can use some of the strongest attacks that can hit entire areas.

The following codes will increase your money. Money is collected automatically and you can use it as soon as you enter the code. Although at first glance these benefits may seem unfair, they are available to everyone. You can improve your fights and skills with these small upgrades without worrying about being attacked. The developer intended to integrate these codes into the game, so you should use them. Below are our Untitled Combat Arena codes, so check them out and see if they improve your gameplay.

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List of unnamed Battle Arena codes

June 14 update

This guide has been updated.

Unnamed Battle Arena codes (working)

Here is an overview of all Untitled Combat Arena feature codes.

  • 5KLIKES – redeem code for 500 cash (NEW)
  • 700KVISITS – redeem code for 70 cash (NEW)
  • 4KLIKES – redeem code for 200 cash (NEW)
  • 600KVISITS – redeem code for 160 cash (NEW)

Unnamed Battle Arena Codes (Expired)

These Untitled Combat Arena codes no longer work.

  • ROBLOX SERVERS – Redeem code for 250 cash
  • 3,000 likes – redeem the code to get free money.
  • 500,000 visits – activate code for free money
  • 1000 likes: redeem code for 95 cash
  • 2,000 likes – redeem code for 100 cash
  • 100,000 visits: redeem code for 75 silver
  • 250,000 visits: redeem code for 85 silver

How to Redeem Roblox Power Fighting Tycoon Codes

Activating codes in Untitled Combat Arena is very simple:

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

  • Launch Untitled Combat Arena on your device.
  • Press the MENU button in the lower right corner.
  • Press the Codes button in the center of the screen.
  • Enter the work code in the code activation field.
  • Press the REDEEM button to redeem the code.
  • Enjoy free in-game rewards.
  • How to get more Untitled Combat Arena codes?

    When it comes to the latest released codes, some methods work better than others. By far the most effective way to stay up to date with Roblox Untitled Combat Arena codes is to check this page regularly. We will make sure that all codes in Untitled Combat Arena work flawlessly by continuing to add and test them. Whenever you find new codes that we don’t have, leave a comment. It’s always appreciated that readers quickly spot bugs in the code, and if the code doesn’t work for us, it will be added to the expired section.

    Your next step should be to join Discord Untitled Combat Arena. Game lovers can make friends in this community. Discord is where developers will post new codes they want players to use. Developers usually post new codes there or tell players how to find them on their own. Untitled Combat Arena has its own Discord channel, but keep in mind that Discord is for developers and their games.

    Players should use the above methods as Untitled Combat Arena does not have an official Twitter account.

    Why can’t I redeem any codes for Roblox Untitled Combat Arena?

    Check out our list of possible causes and solutions if you’re having trouble redeeming codes in Untitled Combat Arena:

  • Enter the codes exactly as they are listed above. Any other way to enter the code other than the one shown above will invalidate it.
  • To reduce the chance of entering the code incorrectly, we recommend that you copy the code from the list above and paste it into the game if possible. Entering the code manually increases the chance that you will accidentally enter it incorrectly.
  • There is a blank space at the end of the code. Copying and pasting codes causes this issue because the game considers spaces to be part of the code. Be sure to enter only the letters and numbers listed above in the code entry field.
  • This code is no longer valid. If you see an expired code in the list of working codes, please leave a comment. Once a code expires, we carefully check that it is still valid before updating the article. If the code does not work after testing, it will be moved to Expired.
  • You have already entered and activated the code. You can only use the code once per account. You cannot enter another code if you have already entered one and received a reward. The only exception to this rule are expired codes that start working again as it will affect all users.
  • What is the Nameless Battle Arena?

    Untitled Combat Arena is a game where the whole world is a battlefield. He gives you tasks to earn more money so you can keep fighting other players. This is a small area, so you will spend a lot of time getting beat up by stronger players. Once you earn enough money, you can buy new skills and styles to become a better artist.

    Leveling up is getting more combat skills and using them to fight other players. There are not many abilities, unlike most Roblox games. Instead, players should focus on melee combat, where they can use abilities that look spectacular but are really just melee attacks. While blocking and dashing, to avoid getting hit, players must actively aim at their enemies and stay close enough to launch each attack.

    As it may seem at first glance, this is more of a street fighting simulator than an anime fighting simulator.

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