Resident Evil 4 showcases gameplay at Capcom

Game news Resident Evil 4 showcases gameplay at Capcom

As expected, Resident Evil showed up at the Capcom presentation expected tonight. In particular, we saw the gameplay of the remake of the fourth part.

The Resident Evil license recently unveiled two new opuses with a remake of episode four, which was shown tonight during Capcom’s demo in a short gameplay episode. Players will be able to find Leon, who unfortunately will have to once again face the nightmare he first experienced in 2005. The hero goes to Spain in search of Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States of America. kidnapped by the mysterious Los Illuminados sect. But be careful, history will be rewritten in this new version,”visually striking detailand reworked game mechanics.

Resident Evil 4 (2023) will release on March 24, 2023.

Version for new platforms

Please note that this new version of Resident Evil 4 will be exclusive to PC and new gaming platforms (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) to make the most of these machines.

This time around, we’re designing the game with the goal of offering the exceptional level of quality we can expect from a survival horror game in 2023 while keeping the essence of the original game. We want fans of the series to rediscover what made the game so successful by adding new and refreshing elements to it. A wish that includes rewriting the story while maintaining its core plot, modernizing graphics, and updating controls to adapt to current standards.

About the Summer Game Festival

What is the Summer Game Festival?

There won’t be E3 this year, but we can still look forward to another world-class event: Summer Game Fest, a big show dedicated to video game announcements coming out this or next years. It was in 2020 that journalist and host Geoff Keighley first launched this now unmissable festival. Last year, the show featured amazing footage from Elden Ring; so inevitably the third iteration has high expectations.

When does Summer Game Fest 2022 start?

Summer Game Fest will take place this Thursday, June 9th at 20:00. The show will again be followed by a Day of the Devs session focusing on the independent scene.

How to follow Summer Game Fest 2022?

On JV we will be responding live to announcements from LeStream along with Maxildan and in particular Aymeric Lallée. The program will also be directly visible as a teaser on the JV home page. And for those who prefer to read, you will of course find our news throughout the conference. Written CV will also be available

What is the program of Summer Game Fest 2022?

Among the games not to be missed is in particular the successor to Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, which shows us its first gameplay images. For its part, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 presents us with its first level. Also on the program: Gotham Knights, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Aarin Flynn’s (formerly Bioware) studio’s first game Nightingale, the JRPG One Piece Odyssey, the free-to-play Warframe or even Planet of Lana. Geoff Keighley further announced: “We have some announcements for new games for this show and hopefully some surprises if all goes well. But it’s definitely a show that mostly focuses on predictable things..”