Reddit’s 10 Least Stressful Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games like autumn boys as well as overdone have a reputation for being extremely stressful people. Multiplayer games, whether you’re fighting other players or working together towards a common goal, can be challenging and stressful.

But among the many harrowing multiplayer video games, there are a few that aren’t burdensome, time-consuming, and frustrating. In these games, players could play side by side to cultivate a bustling farm or travel the galaxy to collect resources from different planets. On Reddit, users have shared their best picks for the least stressful video games that allow for multiplayer gameplay.

Galactic Deep Rock

Players who don’t want to feel burnt out can stay away from Galactic Deep Rock as it is a first person shooter. However, the difficulty settings of the game can be adjusted, which allows you to relax in the game together.

On a Reddit thread, user VHD_ points out how players can adjust the game’s difficulty and set it to “comfortably hard”. In this mode, players are more encouraged to explore the map and extract resources. The game also has a friendly community, so players are unlikely to run into toxic players.

Nobody’s sky

Nobody’s sky is a sandbox game from the developer Hello Games. The game focuses on exploration. While players are forced through the early stages of the game, gathering resources and repairing the ship allows them to explore an endless procedurally generated universe. Nobody’s sky.

Players can invite their friends to join their party to complete connection missions, hunt pirates, and even build an intergalactic megabase. Reddit user M4zur says that playing in “creative mode” makes it a more fun multiplayer game, as they don’t have to hunt for resources, but just take exploration trips to discover interesting places.


Astronier the premise is somewhat similar to an exploratory game Nobody’s sky. But in the System Era Softworks game, players have found that it is more focused on base building and crafting, and has a more relaxed gameplay.

Players can also use the Terrain Tool to change the planet’s terrain and mine for resources. On Reddit, the TRX808 notes: “Astronier very comfortable, and apart from oxygen there are not many threats to death.” They add that while this game is fun to play with friends, it also holds up well when you’re playing alone.

super royal pet

Battle royale games can also be relaxing if they have cute and charming graphics. Reddit user Alajet notes that super royal pet is a “worthy and entertaining game” in which players can “relax”. They also add that the game allows you to relax, unlike other battle royale games that are rife with hacks and cheats.

AT super royal pet, players can form a team of four to control the cute animals as they make their way through the abandoned safari park. Delightful top-down graphics and less stressful gameplay provide a stress-free gaming experience.

Sky: Children of the Light

In an indie game Sky: Children of the Light, players take on the role of winged children. The main objective of the game is to locate the spirits found in the various locations in the game. Locating the spirits gives players access to cosmetic items such as cloaks, masks, and hairstyles.

The game was recommended by Reddit user sharevideos789, who also drew attention to Sky: children of light multiplayer aspect, stating that they enjoy playing with their “buddies”. Players will also meet other players in Sky: Children of the Light and will be encouraged to help each other to fully immerse themselves in the open world of the game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an award-winning single-player indie game from developer ConcernedApe. The plot of the game follows the protagonist who feels exhausted by his life in the city. However, their lives suddenly change after their grandfather leaves them a farm to nurture and cultivate.

Originally released as a single player game, Stardew Valley Built-in cooperative gameplay 2018. Up to four players can work together to bring the farm back to life. Reddit user a_woman_provides exclaims that she “likes Stardew Valley» — so much so that they spent more than “300 hours in the game.”

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 can be a tense game to play alone. But playing with friends and other players can ease the load and even make the game relaxing. KatuaTH points out on a Reddit thread that Fallout 76 this is a low stress multiplayer game, however it may take some time for players to “gather materials and build a base”.

Vault dwellers can complete quests with their friends to quickly earn atoms, whether it’s killing a robot or harvesting. To make the game more exciting, players can search Fallout for devastating weapons such as the Plasma Gun and Alien Blaster.

black desert

MMO sandbox black desert offers players a wide range of classes such as Warrior, Tamer, Ranger, Sorceress, Musa, Valkyrie and Ninja. Black Desert Online is like an open world survival game. Rust in the sense that it can have complex PVP mechanics. But unlike Rust, black desert has no design features and does not require players to grind scrap metal.

On Reddit, JohnnyJayce comments that black desert can be a great relaxing multiplayer game if players choose to engage in relaxing activities like “fishing, collecting and fighting PvE monsters with their friends”.

moon hunters

Reddit user Kostrubaty found a roguelike co-op RPG.moon hunters be less tedious compared to other games. AT moon hunters, a group of up to four players must embark on a treacherous adventure to reclaim the moon and put an end to an evil cult. Players can choose from six different characters that have their own unique skills and strengths.

Kitfox Games’ indie game has a non-linear ending and has been positively received by gamers and critics alike for its laid-back gameplay, compelling storytelling, and great graphics.

Pirate puzzle

Puzzles are the perfect game genre for those who want to slow things down and avoid fast-paced sequences. AT Pirate puzzleplayers can play with their friends to collect loot from merchants and bandits. Pirate puzzle there are also many puzzle games depicting pirate activities such as sword fighting and sailing.

In a Reddit thread, user Magic_Sandwiches explains that Pirate puzzle allows players to come out with a “command to battle enemy computer-controlled ships”. Pirate puzzle is a casual multiplayer game for players who want to escape stressful adventure games.

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