PS5: 8 post-apocalyptic games to explore the genre

Game news PS5: 8 post-apocalyptic games to explore the genre

Far from idyllic and beautiful worlds, some games take us to places where humanity is fading and where it is difficult to survive. Today JV Edition brings you 6 games available on PS5 set in a post-apocalyptic world.


  • days gone by
  • Director’s cut of Death Stranding
  • Dying Light 2
  • Horizon: Forbidden West
  • Kena: Spirit Bridge
  • The last of us

days gone by

days gone by is an open world game developed by Bend Studio. You play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter in a world devastated by a pandemic and infested with mutants. Inspired by the I Am Legend novel and movies, this game challenges you to survive against waves of enemies by completing multiple missions such as various objectives. You have many weapons at your disposal… which will not always be enough against these hordes. Sometimes they need to be eliminated, sometimes they need to be sown in the face of their growing numbers. You be the judge!

Director’s cut of Death Stranding

Director’s cut of Death Stranding is a game developed by Kojima Productions for the PlayStation 4 and using the PS5 version of the Director’s Cut. This is definitely one of Kojima’s most mature and original games. It’s hard to sum up the concept of this game without revealing too much. We can still tell that the gameplay is based on the delivery system and that death is central. If the principle may seem simple and repetitive, it is through its narrative that Death Stranding strikes and captivates us as a playful and interactive social experience filled with emotion. In particular, our hero is accompanied by BB, a child in a capsule, who brings a touch of humanity to the hostile lands of Death Stranding.

Dying Light 2

Developed by Techland, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a Survival-Horror that puts resource management, a key element of the post-apocalyptic world, at the center of the experience. Therefore, it is necessary to control the supply of water and food, fighting the hordes of infected who regularly attack your base. The decisions made are decisive here, as they affect the scenario. To complete your missions, you go from rooftop to rooftop like a parkour man, taking into account the change of day and night. Indeed, at night the most dangerous infected come to the surface. Then it is almost impossible to move without dying. You have been warned!

Horizon: Forbidden West

Sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Horizon: Forbidden West is a game developed by Guerilla Games. Six months after the end of the first opus, our heroine realizes that her battle with Hades is not over yet and that she must go to the forbidden west to prevent her return. It was with its visual ultra-realism and increasingly rich and impressive environments that Horizon: Forbidden West captivated players. In addition, Aloy’s life-sized face has been completely redesigned. Passionate about the implementation and the storytelling vastly improved from the first episode, the game experience is much more memorable and dynamic, mostly during action scenes.

Kena: Spirit Bridge

Kena: Spirit Bridge is an adventure game where you play as Kena in search of the secrets of an ancient community. She is equipped with a simple stick and develops in the heart of the magical world. The game is a clever mix of adventure, puzzle, and combat, highlighted by an art direction described as “animated”. For a game from an independent studio, this level of detail in this semi-open world is very impressive. This poetic adventure, accompanied by an elaborate and memorable soundtrack, puts the theme of death at the center of the narrative. There is nothing wrong with the gameplay, and there are plenty of surprises, challenges, and epic boss battles in store for players.

The last of us

The last of us and also its sequel rocked the post-apocalyptic genre when they were released. Indeed, after such a success, the competition was difficult to pass. TLOU, developed by Naughty Dog, follows the adventures of Joel and Ellie as they try to escape a mysterious disease that has caused the extinction of mankind. The peculiarity of this is that the infected population becomes particularly aggressive and therefore dangerous. The end of the world obliges you to manage your resources, which are necessarily limited, in the hope of surviving and thus advancing a story that is both intimate and heartbreaking. The last of us and The Last of Us Part 2 reassigning the codes of a terrible survival game to sublimate them… very easy.

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