Porting your games to the Mac M1 is a “must have” according to the studio behind Disco Elysium. [ENTREVUE]

Curious to know what the latest MacBook Pros have in store for gaming? Don’t look too far, great RPG Disco Elysium is the perfect tool for testing the performance of the new Apple M1 Pro and Max processors.

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With its sleek and unique visual style, ZA/UM’s game is a feast for the eyes on the Liquid Retina XDR screen. And because the game is optimized specifically for the latest Apple chips, there are no compromises in graphics or resolution. Everything works wonderfully… and even resembles the experience with the PS5 version. Disco Elysium.

According to Heity Kender, CTO of ZA/UM, this is no coincidence. It was the latter who initiated porting the game to Intel Mac and then optimizing it for the new Apple M1 processors.

“The M1 brings the Mac closer to gaming consoles,” he bluntly stated during an interview with Weighs at launch a few weeks ago. For us, this allows us to create high-quality images on a laptop. […] On Mac, Intel processors were a little lacking punchbut on the M1 everything is very beautifully logical.”

While Kender praises Apple’s latest chips, optimizing Disco ElysiumHowever, making it natively compatible with M1 processors was not easy, he said.

ZA/UM was one of the first studios to adapt their game to the Silicon architecture, so the British-Estonian team played a pioneering role… with all the difficulties that entailed.

Photo by Rafael Lavoie

“In order to bring our game to M1, we had kit development from Apple, which was very beta. I guess it was the iPhone processor or something… We also had a version alpha from [moteur] Unity to transform our game. And, of course, plugins we used never heard of this version alpha Unity! Kender recalled.

However, the developer rolled up his sleeves and contacted various designers plugins in a question that immediately responded and supported the ZA / UM team in its task, while Unity and Apple engineers also got their hands dirty.

“Everything was three times beta, but hey … it was like that, – the technical director laughed. It was a challenge, but we made it. But for us it was should. It needs to be done.”

Photo by Rafael Lavoie

In this sense, the game was worth the candle, says Heity Kender. Especially this Disco Elysium now turns out to be one of the figureheads of a potential games new line of Mac computers. And perhaps, too, the ZA/UM CTO hopes, a model that other studios will want to follow.

“We have spoken to several communities and game developers to share our experiences and porting experience. I hope everyone at least thinks [d’adapter leur jeu pour Mac M1] and make sure that there are no pitfalls on the technical side,” he stressed.

One thing is certain, the path is indeed traceable after the efforts of ZA/UM.

Disco Elysium available on Mac M1 and Intel, as well as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, Stadia and PC.