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As with new movies, most of which release in France on Wednesdays, new iOS games usually hit the App Store on Thursdays. Therefore, like every week, on this day we offer you A selection of the best new games for iPhone and iPad.

This new installment certainly has some lovely gems to put in your mouth like those on the previous list that can be found there, such as Boom Mania that can be downloaded there, the Almora Darkosen RPG available here, or even Void-X available there on the App Store.

We present to you what we think is the highest quality. In any case, some games are free and can be easily tested. So don’t wait to make your own decision! Feel free to come back and follow us regularly so you don’t miss any news, including iOS games.

our choice

leave the ship

  • Description : a pirate game in which you control the crew of a ship and have the task of exploring the surrounding waters to find treasure, as well as establish your warlike dominance while destroying the ferocious creatures that stand in your way
  • We love : a wide range of tasks to complete, reconnaissance, fight enemy ships or even against monsters, in addition to managing your people
  • Link to download : here on the App Store

Dadsky 3

  • Description : a platformer in horizontal progression, all in 2D, with basic graphics on the surface, but in fact, extremely elaborate. The atmosphere is joyful, retro style, the pleasure of meeting. But be careful, there are difficulties, despite the very pleasant appearance in general.
  • We love : The design is very cute and goes well with sounds and music. Also reminiscent of the good old console games of the 1990s.
  • Link to download : available here

Royal rabbit – breed

  • Description : top view racing game. Get to the end of the level first, avoiding many traps and collecting as many bonuses as possible. Complete daily quests while you can purchase items from the in-game store to upgrade your character’s appearance with the virtual money earned from your victories.
  • We love :live music
  • Link to download : available here on the App Store

Dynasty Legends 2

  • Description : Nervous action and role-playing game in which you have to defeat armies alone. Luckily, your hero has unrivaled abilities, capable of defeating his enemies in batches of 100… Improve your skills, your equipment and your experience during your missions and enjoy beautiful graphics worthy of PC and console games.
  • We love : Serves as a real stress reliever!
  • Link to download : here in the app store

Blazing Fight Aca Neogeo

  • Description : in the Neo Geo gameport series, it is Burning Fight. The original title was released in 1991. A sort of hidden relative of Street of Rage, the mechanics and style are the same. You advance through the seedy streets, flexing every muscle, ready to fight and fight against a variety of enemies, getting stronger and stronger as you progress through the levels. Tough bosses are also present to spice things up.
  • We love : pure arcade action and guaranteed action
  • Link to download : meet you here

Have you tested the new features, rated them or not, feel free to share your feedback with the community in the comments!