Pacific Minigames: Friday June 17, 2022 Recap

Second day on the courts for the New Caledonian tennis delegation at the Pacific Mini-Games in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. The Kagu were eliminated from the team tournament by the Tahitians. A day that ends with the opening ceremony of this eleventh sports edition.

The second day, overcast and rainy, in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Despite the capricious weather, this Friday Cagou tennis players continued their sports matches on the courts of the American Memorial Park, in the north of the island. Everyone remained focused on their goal: to qualify for the continuation of the team tournament.

Early morning was marked by the victory of Victor Lopez. He won his match against Tahitian Reynald Taaroa. Final score: 4-2 in the first set and 4-0 in the second. This was the first match against Tahiti, in the last pool match of the team tournament.

The early morning was marked by the victory of Victor Lopez over the Tahitian Reynald Taaroa.

©Martin Charmasson / Nc la 1ere

I was very tense at the beginning, in the first games back“, launches the player.”But I served well throughout the game. During the first set, I got a little stuck because I was very stressed. But I felt that I would pass. And the second set went much better. I am very happy to win“, – continues the athlete.

Victor Lopez at the microphone William Lecrane:

Victor Lopez, tennis player, after winning on Friday, June 17, in Saipan.

Le Kagou, who is studying at a university in the US, in Kentucky, traveled specifically for the Mini-Games. Like Icham Tijine, who also studies in the USA, but in Georgia.

In this second single, Icham Teejin faced Tahitian No. 1 Gilliam Osmont. A meeting that started late. Rain came to the courtyards of Saipan.

Minigames 2022: rain on the courts of Saipan

Rain was invited to the tennis courts at the American Memorial Park, just north of Saipan.

©Martin Charmasson / Nc la 1ere

And the rain didn’t help our Kagu as he lost 4-1 in the first set and 4-1 in the second.

Mini Games 2022: Tennis, June 17, NC

Iham Tijine, on the ships of Saipan, in the Marianas.

© Alix Madek / Nc la 1ere

The team match was close, between Cagus and the Polynesians. It was played in three sets.

oneuh the set was won by Cagus, 5 points to 4 against Tahiti, after saving 2 balls in the first round.

IN 2e set, it was Tahiti who beat Cagus with a score of 5:4.

In the 3rd set the players fenois won the match 10–6 against the Caledonians, who were thus eliminated from the team tournament.

Mini Games 2022: Tennis June 17, 2022

The match was close between the Caledonians and the Tahitians this Friday, June 17, on the courts of Saipan.

© William Lecrane / Nc la 1ere

If no Caledonians are participating in these baseball minigames, the competition for the players has started well at the Olei Sports Complex in central Saipan. Last night, Thursday, June 16, around 19:00, the Mariana Islands team met with the Guam team and won the match.

And then the big event this Friday is the opening ceremony of the eleventh edition of Pacific Mini Games. Tonight at 17:30 (Marian Islands time, ie 18:30 in Noumea) more than 1,000 athletes from 20 participating countries are marching in the Oleai Sports Complex. On this occasion, the Kagu prepared their most beautiful chap. Yesterday they practiced in the gardens of the Mini Games Village.

Mini-games 2022: Cagus train in Chapa

Kagu are training at Chapa ahead of the opening ceremony of the mini-games this Friday, June 17th.

© Alix Madek / Nc la 1ere

Loan Ville in the 400m hurdles, shot putter Rose Velepa and javelin thrower in the disabled sport, and Fabienne Larhantek, captain of the waa selection, will be our three flag bearers during this opening ceremony. “AGAINSTa represents a lot to represent Caledonia from the outside“, indicates Loan Ville.

Three standard-bearers at the microphone by William Lecrane:

Loan Ville, Rose Velepa and Fabien Larhantec, Caledonian flagships of the 2022 Mini Games

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