Our dachas are getting ready for the Games!

Region, getting closer to you! From 21 June to 20 September 2022, our summer apartments are being set up in Hauts-de-France. Come and enjoy free activities and entertainment throughout the summer throughout the entire territory.

Whether you’re on vacation or not, there’s plenty to do in Hauts-de-France! Around the common theme “Our districts are getting ready for the Games!”, in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the region is supporting 126 projects across the territory. Expect an eventful release full of discoveries in the heart of our districts and our municipalities. In 5 departments, a very wide range of activities will be proposed to promote civic initiatives and the participation of residents.

Culture, sports, games…

In partnership with local associations, municipalities and entertainment groups, the region offers free events and events to the people of Hauts-de-France. Cultural, sports or entertainment events, festivals, joint workshops or concerts – there is something for everyone and all ages!
The goals of this operation are to maintain social connections during the summer, open up and improve certain areas, and allow participants to practice physical activity, learn about the values ​​of sports and sustainable development goals.

Focus on animation of six cities

In Amiens (80): “Olympic joys”
From July to September, the residents of the Etuwi area will find many events related to the red thread. The time of the inauguration will be July 12 with the collective realization of a large canvas with the Olympic rings, which will be taken up at all events organized this summer. In the second half of July we can find a multi-sport opening with various sports associations of the territory and sports workshops for different generations, accessible to everyone.

In Croix (59): “Cross in games!”
The city of Croix offers highlights around the red thread “Our neighbors are preparing games” from 6 July to 28 August. For example, we can find July 15 “When sport meets Villa Cavrois” or even “Place aux Olympiades” from July 26 to 28.

In Montatere (60): “Our dachas 2022”
From July 2 to July 31, the city of Montater will host events such as the Olympic Games, introductory sports classes, shows and even inflatable boat games. The season will start with a social center party on Saturday July 2nd and a concert on Saturday July 9th.

In the Louvre (59): “Our districts are getting ready for the Games!”
The association “Les Gibus de Louvroil” wants to organize a bright event on July 20, which will promote social ties between the residents of the districts. The day will be animated with introductory workshops on Olympic and Paralympic sports, as well as time for meetings and discussions with sports figures.

In Boulogne-sur-Mer (62): “On the way to the Olympics!”
Associations and social centers are joining forces to propose a challenge that will aim to imagine and create the sport of the future. To do this, various groups of young people will have to imagine the sport, give it a name, establish its rules of the game, its clothes during July. They will come to present and start their sport during closing time on July 31st.

In Chauny (02): “Residence moves in!”
The Chauni Civic Council organizes an opening party and a summer closing party in the area of ​​the residence in the form of a fair with sports, art, circus, entertainment and various games. Petanque tournament, circus art or laser game will be organized on 20 August.

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“Our dachas”: on the train!

From June 21 to September 20, 2022, enjoy the activities of the Our Dachas system throughout the region thanks to the éTER operation, which allows you to discover the region with return train tickets for only 2 euros.