Nintendo Switch: 5 games to play before summer!

If, like me, it’s really hard for you to imagine that sports can be something that you can enjoy doing in your free time, then you probably know how difficult it is to motivate yourself to get out of your chair in the office, especially during work. remotely. Regardless of lifestyle, summer is finally approaching and the return of the sun inevitably makes us a little more motivated to move than in winter. what you dreamed about drop a few poundsonly you get yourself in shape (and stop panting up three wretched ladders), so maybe, like me, you need motivationfrom playful flick Get a few minutes of physical activity every day.

And that’s good: you have to admit that Nintendo is the queen of sports games in the truest sense of the word. There is no question of warming up the thumbs on the joysticks to play FIFA or anything else. No. At Nintendo, we do big things and offer games that let you move your whole body. Here is my selection of those sports games that really got me moving.

Unsurpassed Just Dance

What’s better than a few songs to keep moving forward to burn calories and blow off steam? I agree, Just Dance is still a lot more fun with friends, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little dance from time to time. The only problem is that you have to go to the box office to unlock even more tracks and choreographies, but hey, a basic playlist can be more than enough to have a few minutes of fun a day. It’s all about creating a little exercise routine: a dance or two, a Ring Fit run, a few minutes of boxing, and voila, you feel a little better for the rest of the day. Because yes, when you finally understand that sport is much more invigorating than exhausting, then it becomes part of the fun.

  • Just Dance 2022 (but you can take any edition of course)
  • In stock on Switch, as well as on Xbox and PlayStation
  • starting price : 59.99€

Ring Fit Adventure

This is a game that requires a hell of a budget to be completely fair. That being said, once you have the tools in your hands, you’ll soon realize why this game is simply the best way to practice and have fun. Far from being NSex as they say on the internet, I know how to recognize a genius move when I see it, and Ring Fit is usually the kind of invention that deserves a bypass. If you don’t want to play a sport, you have to find a way to make it gamified (i.e. make it look like it’s a video game). Ring Fit does it very well, not only level system where you have to progress how to fight monsters and bosses in RPG, collect quest items, improve your character and his skill…

In a word, a real game within a game and I can tell you that after only 10 minutes you are out of breath, as it requires endurance: you must constantly run to move forward, do squats or hold a position on a chair to destroy monsters. , use his hands to suck coins, etc…

The best addition to the game? BUT rhythm mode where you have to squeeze/pull the hoop with the strength of your hands to touch the musical notes at the right time. A sort of athletic OSU that will even ask you to do a few squats from time to time.

  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Available on Nintendo Switch only
  • starting price : €69.99 (game + accessories)

Nintendo Switch Sport

Switch Sports is much less effective than Ring Fit when it comes to full body training, but more accessible and interesting. The ability to play alone, together, locally or online is its biggest advantage. For the most nostalgic among you, this is above all an opportunity to rediscover tennis in all its splendor and bowling of the time, as well as try new activities such as chambara (ideal for letting off steam), volleyball (very technical), football (to have fun with others on the field) and badminton.

The ranked game system is especially addictive as you constantly want to play and increase your ranking. You can also unlock cosmetic items as you progress, which change every week. In short, I could also tell you that I play my few tennis games every day to try and reach A rank in the rankings (and unlock that excellent unicorn costume the game offers).

  • Nintendo Switch Sport
  • Available on Nintendo Switch only
  • starting price : 49.99€

Fitness boxing

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to test the second opus, but I am convinced that it is much better than Fitness Boxing, the first of the titles. The latter is more than enough for me on my part, if only to let off steam for twenty minutes, striking (not just anyhow), in rhythm. Very exciting, you can discover more and more difficult exercises and learn real boxing techniques. As with Ring Fit, having to type in time with the music makes the process so much more fun and enjoyable. In terms of progress, you can also unlock clothes for your trainer and personalize them, or even put a mark on your calendar to mark your progress.

It reminds me of Dr. Kawashima’s brain training. It’s good to train the body, but it’s even better to support the brain. Especially since it’s one of the few games that actually uses the Switch’s touch screen with a stylus specially designed for the occasion. A little mental arithmetic and memory exercises in your routine and your whole body will be really in shape. (Don’t forget to also drink plenty of water and eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, right.)

  • Fitness boxing
  • Available on Nintendo Switch only
  • starting price : 39.99€

Bonus: Pokemon GO

Of course, it’s not available on the Nintendo Switch, but Pokémon GO remains one of the best mobile games for the recommended thirty minutes of walking a day. For my part, I admit that I no longer have the same enthusiasm as in 2016 (driving more than 6 kilometers every evening to find Salameche and Rattata, or even doing the best sprint of my life, because someone screams “DRACOLOSS !!” in the park), but at least I found the motivation to leave my house to take this arena from the red team. It’s only a short kilometer walk, but at least it allows me to walk regularly.


The Forest, developed by Endnight, is a must-have survival/sandbox game and is currently on sale on Steam at a particularly generous price. If you’ve never played it, now is the time to convince your friends to go on a special country outing.