Nintendo Direct Indie: 3 Unmissable Game Announcements May 11, 2022

For about twenty minutes, Nintendo took us through the next independent games coming to the Switch console. Despite the long-awaited silk song still not part of the game, some nuggets still deserve your attention. Pay attention also to the transfer to the platform overflights and from TABS (at your own risk, we hope that the optimization of the title does not burn the console).


Soundfall is a dungeon crawler where the action Marauder shooter with rhythmic gameplay. Adventure alone or with up to 4 friends locally or online. The more you synchronize your actions with the rhythm of the soundtrack, the stronger you become! Unlock powerful new abilities and explore Symphonia to discover amazing musical weapons! Customize your gear by choosing from over 500 pieces of gear. You can even import your favorite music to create new levels.

And that’s good, Soundfall is already available on Nintendo eShop!

wild frost

Fight the fury of the elements in Wildfrost, the game fraudulent tactical deck building ! Explore the frozen tundra by collecting cards powerful enough to banish the eternal winter. Wildfrost will also be available in this winter 2022 on Nintendo Switch. You can build a deck that suits you, recruit cuter companions and equip them with elemental items and powerful enchantments to help you fight the frost. Then it will be necessary to develop the city of Longenezh between two research rounds.


This small puzzle game invites you to make full use of your head (in every sense of the word) to solve a bunch of puzzles. It will be available this summer on the Nintendo Switch, no specific date.

You play as Elek, a small robot whose mission is to bring light back to the world. When Elec touches walls, floors, platforms, switches, etc., he sends electricity through them, activating them. He can also break away and throw his head to activate items from a distance, but be careful, if he doesn’t get his head back within ten seconds, he will shut down. Elec will have to use his head, both literally and figuratively, to find his way out of this trap.

Even if we didn’t select them for this top, the conference was an opportunity to (re-)see some images:

  • Gunbrella: A game from Devolver Digital coming to Switch next year.
  • Batora: Lost Haven: Available this fall.
  • We are OFK: An episodic musical biopic adventure, available this summer.
  • IL: a kind of black and white LIMBO where you dive into the ocean abyss to discover a world inhabited by strange creatures, available in June 2022.
  • Mini Motorways: Minimetro’s successor with motorways around the world, available now.
  • Cult of the Lamb: A wacky roguelite game planned for this year.
  • Another Crab Treasure: Seabed Soullike, available in 2023.
  • Wayward Strand: Available July 21, 2022


An open world with an adorable red panda, a soundtrack written by Mister MV, a plethora of talented French-speaking independent developers, Paper Mario-style games or even storytelling games… Here’s our selection of must-see little indie nuggets and more. at AG French Direct.