news at 1 Tuesday

Most of the news on Tuesday with the start of the 40th Music Festival, Nicholas Metzdorf, MP for the 2nd District and the missions that await him, Emma Terebo’s new title in swimming, and summarizing the day of competition in Saipan.

Several events are planned for the coming days and until next weekend in different municipalities of the region. In Noumea, it will start tonight and run until June 23rd. Unfortunately, this year, as in previous years, there will be no concert at Cocotier Square. Why ? In October, the city hall launches its first city festival Noumea. Therefore, the priority of this new event. Instead of a music festival, a mini-festival of free concerts, in the center of the Arts. Doors open today at 18:00. Read the full program here.

This is the question that the Lafoyens and Lafoyens ask themselves the day after the legislative elections, and especially after the election of Nicolas Metzdorf. In the coming days, the municipal council of the commune will be convened to answer this question. Presidential majority candidate Nicolas Metzdorf will succeed Philippe Gomez as MP for the second constituency.

In Paris, Emmanuel Macron invites the political forces of the assembly tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to the Elysee Palace. At home, Philippe Dunoyer, MP for the 1st constituency, re-elected on Sunday, will board the plane this Thursday. Two priority cases for the defense of the deputy: dear life and institutional future. Nicolas Metzorff is also called to Paris on Monday. Before that, a municipal council is scheduled for Thursday, but Mayor La Foa indicates he has a month to hand it over to his successor as mayor.

Yael Braun-Pivé will not come to Kaia for scheduling reasons. The trip was originally planned for the weekend to visit, among other things, the official opening of the monument to Peace: the handshake statues on Kokotje Square.

Yael Braun-Pivé, who was comfortably elected to Yvelines with 64.6%. Because in France, the balance of power, which is already taking shape at the end of this second round, is in the news. Discussions promise to be complex on the side of the Nupes coalition, as well as between Republicans and Together. For the government, personnel changes are inevitable, if only to replace ministers and secretaries of state who did not pass the second round.

This is the first case in Caledonia: the territory has a solar power plant with a tracking system on the Gaiax Plain in Kona. More specifically, 15,000 glass plates follow the movement of the sun to produce the maximum possible energy. 600,000 million francs of work to ensure the consumption of a municipality with a population of about 8,000 people. This first plant will have test value, especially in terms of profitability. Report today on our website.

59 seconds, 98 hundredths and, most importantly, 5th place for Emma Terebo. The 23-year-old swimmer from Caledonia reached the final of the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. It was her first world final in the 100m backstroke. A very good finale that you were able to follow live on the 1st this morning. Emma said she was very happy “I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better. I had nothing to lose. This was unexpected” A race that she views primarily as a springboard. Thus, she is the first European of these worlds. It is even presented as a revelation of this season. The next meeting of the Caledonian at the World Championships in Rome from August 11 to 21, where she can hope for a medal.

First fruitful day yesterday for New Caledonia. At least 9 medals, including 2 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze. The first day filled with emotions in waa, in weightlifting and for our triathletes. Tuesday promises to be busy again with other medals to be won in waa, track and field and weightlifting.

Good news in rugby too: Caledonian brothers Christopher and Selevasio Tolofua have been selected by France’s XV squad for the summer tour. The same with Tani Vili and Peato Mauwaka. A total of 42 players will travel to Japan on Wednesday for the summer tour. Two friendly matches are scheduled for 2 and 9 July.

The boats participating in the Groupama Race continue their journey through Caledonia. The first ones passed the Belep Islands and begin their descent from the western coast. At the moment Rushhour and Antipodes are in the lead, two Australian crews, the first Caledonians, the third with Kalolo.

Therefore, from today the ship will be refitted in Nuville. It will last a little over two weeks. The resumption of rotations is scheduled for July 8.