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Find most of the news for Monday June 20th in New Caledonia and the region, with the results of the second round of the legislative elections, the Pacific minigames in Saipan, the Groupama race started on Sunday and the return of the Tanéo bus during the day. at Mont Dor.

Philippe Dunoyer was elected in the first district and Nicolas Metzdorf in the second, on Sunday, June 19, in the second round of legislative elections. The two loyalist union candidates supporting the presidential majority garnered a combined 57,000 votes, or 40.90% of the vote.

Their independence opponents Vali Vakhetra and Gérard Renier received 39,479 votes, or 59.97% of the vote. Nearly 99,000 Caledonians voted, a jump from the first round, with 45.16% participation yesterday, up 12 points from last Sunday. Participation remains the same as in 2017. At that time it was 45.97%.

Find reviews here and full municipality results here.

The official results will be announced at 11:30 am at the residence of the High Commissioner by François Billon, Counselor of the Court of Appeal of Nouméa.

On the radio, Question Pays will return to voting this afternoon.

Extremely tight score on Wallis and Futuna. Mikaele Seo, 51, comes first with 49.44% of the vote against 49.23% of the vote for 55-year-old Etuato Mulikihaamea. This is a difference of only 16 votes between the two candidates. The participation rate is 78.43%.

This is the first time in the political history of Polynesia that Taavini Huiraatira has been a great success. The Independence Party wins in three constituencies, with outgoing MP Moetai Brotherson winning a massive 61.3%. Steve Chaiu also won, as did Tematai Le Gayik, 21. The latter has a very good chance of becoming the youngest member of the new National Assembly. All candidates supported by the President of Polynesia, Eduard Fritsch, were beaten.

Kagu get to the heart of the matter on Monday in Saipan for the 11th Pacific Mini Games. After tennis, which started last Thursday, team competitions begin. The Caledonian triathlon team is located on the island of Rota, 128 km from Saipan. There are seven disciplines in the program, six of which concern our Cagus. These are tennis, badminton, waa, weightlifting, triathlon and beach volleyball.

The exit from the Havanna Pass was “dantesque” for some people, “exciting” for other sailors and their crew at the Groupama race. The offshore race around Grande Terre started on Sunday, opposite Rocher à la voile, in Noumea. The fleet split in two on Ile One, and the two opticians offered themselves to the skippers: follow the east coast to get the shortest distance to cover, or turn northeast and lengthen the route to get more wind. This option was chosen by the majority of courts. Rashur leading in real time and Tosot Air Conditioner leads to IRC.

At night, an emergency beacon went off by mistake. antipodes, not available via VHF and satellite phone. Three sailboats were rejected and a salvage operation was carried out around 2 am before doubts were cleared. The race management reminded that boats are required to watch channels 16 and 77 throughout the race.

Mondorian users of the Tanéo network can once again travel by bus during the day outside of Saint-Michel. Lines L8, M4, M2, M3 reopened outside of Mont-Dore High School. Traffic was stopped due to stones that occurred at the Saint-Louis intersection on the weekend of Pentecost. Evening hours have not yet been restored.

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