Netflix plans to double its video game offering by the end of 2022

On the occasion of the US Tribeca Film Festival, Netflix Head of Games Lynn Lumbe detailed the company’s strategy in the sector on Monday, June 13th. In particular, the platform wants to capitalize on its most popular movies and series to adapt them for video games. The goal is to diversify the service’s catalog in order to retain its subscribers and attract new audiences.

Netflix wants to take the temperature of its subscribers

Launched in November 2021, Netflix’s video game offering is still very sparse. At the moment, 23 games can only be played through the mobile app. All of them are available at no extra charge with a Netflix subscription. Some games like Moonlight, Hextech Chaos or various devices very strange things are also available on PC or console, where they can be purchased individually.

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Netflix recently announced an in-game adaptation of the series. ladies game which will arrive at the end of the year. Lynn Lumbe added that the playoffs Shadow and bone as well as Too hot to hold will also have their own iterations of video games. Despite these claims, the company’s overall video game strategy remains rather vague.

We are still keeping some things under wraps because we are learning and experimenting. We want to wait and see how everything resonates with our subscribers and what games they want to play. Lynn Lumbe explains. She adds that Netflix wants to be ” sure there’s a Netflix game for every one of our members, whether it’s someone who plays every day or someone completely new to the video game medium “.

The head of video games at Netflix clarifies that the company is currently limited to mobile games because it is the most widely available platform. According to her, this is the best way to take the temperature of subscribers in order to better understand their expectations and desires regarding video games.

The video game sector already offers more interesting offers

Lynn Lumbe believes games provide real added value to Netflix subscribers. At the moment, these games do not contain monetization systems such as microtransactions. According to Lynn Lumbe, this should allow developers to focus on the quality of games.

Netflix wants to step up its strategy in this sector by doubling the number of games available by the end of the year. However, with the company experiencing the biggest loss of subscribers recently and laying off employees to save money, the economic viability of video games for Netflix is ​​in question.

Many of the games currently available can be played on other media that are more popular among gamers. The game Moonlight for example, it has been available on PC since 2018 and on the Nintendo Switch, a console that has sold over 100 million units. This limits the Netflix audience for these types of games.

Overall, the Netflix model is reminiscent of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass offering, except for the richness of the catalog. Netflix is ​​looking to diversify to make up for lost subscribers. However, the platform is still far from dominating the industry. Games on Netflix can only be played once downloaded. An unexpected offer from a leader in video streaming that wants to enter the very competitive sector where cloud gaming is growing.