Netflix games: Poinpy, games from The Queen’s Gambit, Shadow and Bone, La Casa de Papel and Too Hot To Handle and more in the future

Now end this Netflix Fan Week 2022which ended on Friday. In addition to being filled with ads relating to series and films of all kinds, therefore, we are talking about video games, some of which are already known and ported to mobile devices, others are new and exclusive to the platform., with no additional subscription fees, ads, or microtransactions. Among them was Desta: Memories Betweenpresented Thursday evening.

Inevitably among the announcements we find adaptations of the show netflixWith RPG narration Shadow and Bone: Fates from Chimera Entertainment, dating simulator Too hot to hold from Nanobit based on a reality show and expected in 2023 adventure game money robbery as well as Chess with the Queen’s Gambit on ripstonethat will immerse us in the world Beth Harmon. There will obviously be chess, all in locations taken from the series, with puzzles and online games.

Too hot to handle the game 10 06 2022

We were then able to discover Lucky Luna, which will interest platformers, forcing us to guide a young girl through mythical dungeons and temples to uncover the secrets of her past, all based on Japanese folklore. In particular, it will be necessary to collect pearls there, with a system leaderboards compare our score with players around the world.

Digital Developer had three announcements on his side, left in reserve for netflixstarting from the port urban planner green Terra Nile from Free Liveswhere you need to “rebuild” the ecosystem, and not concrete everything. Along the way, we learn that now it will be released in 2023. The second one is called Reigns: Three Kingdomsfifth episode of the license swipe them up from Nerial expected this year, this time inspired by three kingdoms China, placing us in the Han Dynasty.

The Three Kingdoms Reign 01 11 06 2022 The Three Kingdoms Reign 02 11 06 2022The Three Kingdoms Reign 03 11 06 2022 Reigns Three Kingdoms 04 11 06 2022

Finally, place the star of this presentation, the aptly named Puenpi of Downwellavailable from yesterday and consists in climbing as high as possible with this little character, collecting and chopping fruits to feed the gluttonous creature at the bottom of the screen. Everything is procedurally generated for a new gaming experience.

Otherwise game 3 wild things will be released in June, and the ports Rajas: an ancient epic as well as Confessor will land later this year. Other games scheduled for 2022 were quickly spotted in the video at the beginning of the article, namely Solitaire Mahjong, immortality, Before your eyes, Nailed it! Baking Bash, Hello Kitty Happy Parade, Oxenfree as well as Kentucky Route Zero.

Raji An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition 11 06 2022 Spiritfarer 11 06 2022

Thus, mobile game enthusiasts will have something to do if they subscribe to netflix.

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