MaXoE Festival 2022: Video Game Selection Categories Platform/Action and FPS/TPS/Shooters (Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One)

And here is a selection of video games for the Festival in the categories: Platforms/Action and FPS/TPS/Arrows. So this is obviously subjective, obviously we missed some titles, but this is the result of the team’s work, I hope you enjoy it!

Well, the difficulty is also in decomposing games into categories. We have tried to create categories that correspond to common topics. We give you an overview of our conclusion for each of the games and you can click on their name to access our full test.


Ratchet & Clank – Rift Apart: “The latest installment in the series, Rift Apart is undeniably a PS5 tech showcase with simply gorgeous visuals and plenty of exciting effects. So much so that if the theme of the gameplay lacks a streak of flaws, then its technical use is flawless and amazes us every time we look at it. Otherwise, without making a revolution out of it, Insomniac Games offers us a pleasant adventure, while maintaining the qualities that made the series famous for their charming and well-developed characters, numerous gameplay phases, object search, nervous action and, of course, replay value. Ultimately, the Rift Apart is an undeniable asset and a must have for owners of a Sony machine. »

FIST – Forged in Shadow Torch: “Second software from the independent TiGames team, FIST is a beautiful piece of work that is a pleasure to view its own universe and dieselpunk atmosphere. Whether it falls into a few Metroidvania traps with molasses at the start, rich transitions, or through level design that is sometimes a little too wise, digging a little deeper reveals something richer and more complex than meets the eye, all balanced by the genre’s usual mechanics. with exploration, discovering secrets and acquiring new powers/weapons. So FIST may not be the best in its category, but we had a great time in his company and there is no doubt that this applies to you, especially since the developers are in search of permission to fix some problems since the launch of the game, such like adding easy mode and extra breakpoints. Therefore, we will be happy to return to Rayton after the implementation of VF (subtitles) planned in the coming days/weeks. »

Kirby and the Forgotten World: “By his thirtieth birthday, Kirby has turned much of his life upside down. Not only does it offer a very successful true 3D epic for the first time, but it also brings a hell of a breath of fresh air with Barbapapa-style transmorphism. Whether you’re familiar with the series or not, young or old, this episode of Kirby and the Forgotten World is not to be missed. The fun is present and encourages us to do everything 100% without creating a feeling of repetition. Very good episode! »

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: “This is a success. The license is beautifully upgraded with RPG elements and TPS mode shooting. Very action oriented, the game also offers many stages of exploration in the free mode. The fun is definitely there, especially since the content is simply impressive with a very large number of side quests. Fans of the saga will be delighted, regardless of their age. »

Revita: “Not revolutionizing the genre’s formula because it’s not meant to be, Revita is nonetheless a rough little diamond. In the six years of development by its creator BenStar, we feel different sources of inspiration, as well as elements that make the software work on its own with its own personality. For example, the story and its themes make you want to continue to uncover it fully, the gameplay mechanics are very addictive, fun, and its risk/win system makes you think, all with accessibility options. Also, its pixelated visual palette and music are very catchy. If you enjoy this genre or want to discover it for yourself, we highly recommend you dive into Revita! »

Rogue Legacy 2: “We are not going to suspense, Rogue Legacy 2 is very easy to set up among the flagship Roguelike, Roguelite. Not only is it different from its predecessor, surpassing it with many new features, but it also includes refreshing components such as elements of Metroidvania or its cartoonish visuals. More generous than before, he really becomes very addictive because of the games, so much so that we want to discover everything, know everything at our fingertips, and yet never see the weariness pointing to the tip of his nose. »

Metroid Horror : The new Metroid is more demanding than ever. Soon the test in our columns!

Mario party superstars : Fun is always around. Soon the test in our columns!

spooks : Zelphy tells us the title is due at the festival, so here it is 🙂 Coming soon test in our columns!

Shooting/First Person Shooters/Shooters

Battlefield 2042: “Yes, I regret the lack of a campaign. But otherwise, the title is really a hit! The combat is exciting and the portal mode offers a lot of possibilities. The opportunity to play in the atmosphere of old games is a real pleasure. And then EA seems to want to regularly enrich the title, which can only please everyone. There are a few other minor balancing issues that will likely be fixed very quickly. So all is well! The ideal score would be 8.5, but let’s not pout, EA and DICE are offering FPS as a gaming service that will sit on the throne in living rooms for a long time to come. »

Chorus: “While not revolutionizing the Space Opera Shooter genre, Chorus is undeniably at the top of the genre. Despite minor flaws, the program delighted us from start to finish with its gripping script, dense and rich lore, exciting sound design/OST, not to mention exhilarating, nerve-wracking confrontations and a good challenge (choice of hardship and/or permanent death). In addition, if you are prone to motion sickness, you usually have nothing to fear, everything has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. Not to mention, Chorus is a thrilling adventure that we highly recommend. »

Call Of Duty Vanguard: We’re not going to lie to each other, this new episode of Call of Duty is not part of the long-awaited Next-Gen revival. Based on the graphics engine of the Modern Warfare reboot, we rather liked the war story approach to the campaign, reminiscent of its direct competitor Battlefield. And this is despite the incoherent narration and unequal attitude towards the characters, and Polina Petrova, as the main character, stands out best in front of her comrades. Of course, the feeling of the tablet in the hands remained, and we find the spirit of FPS. There are two new modes on the multiplayer level, and the Zombie mode has also come back from the dead from the Cold War, unfortunately we won’t go into details as many of the current bugs make games very difficult and almost unplayable. In short, unless Vanguard is the episode that restarts the CoD machine, the game can be tamed and enjoyed.

Death Loop: The new name of the French conquered the critics. Soon the test in our columns!

Halo Infinity: Exciting open world, but a bit shy multiplayer. Soon the test in our columns!

Extracting Rainbow Six : Pleasant surprise of the year with very good co-op! Soon the test in our columns!

Far Cry 6: The license continues to surprise us with its narrative. Soon the test in our columns!

Evil Dead : Again cooperative, but in a very dark world. Soon the test in our columns!