“L’Yonne Terre de Jeux 2024”: who won the first college competition awarded at the Stade Abbe-Deschamps?

“We’re super high!” Fifth place, a little excited by the unveiling of the interior of the Stade Abbe-Deschamps, slowly takes its place in the Gi-Roux Grandstand this Thursday, June 16, at the start of the day. A little earlier, in the auditorium of the AJ Auxerre Learning Center, these 102 high school students from four schools in Ikona presented their Olympic-themed clips filmed for the first competition, which kicked off on December 13th. A collective project realized with the help of their teachers and initiated in the department of Yonne called “Terre de Jeux 2024”.

premium Paris 2024 – Olympic flame, training centers, young volunteers… The road to the Games will pass through Yonne

What better place than this Abbé-Deschamps “symbolic site” to get this unparalleled educational promotion. “I’m passionate about sports, as are many of you. The Paris Olympics remain a great event, we don’t realize it. There will be athletes from all over the world,” Baptiste said in a guest gallery. AJA manager. And to remind the young participants that the Olympic flame will be held in their department. Not forgetting the “seven places chosen in Yonne to receive foreign delegations”.

A visit to Insep among the highlights

Fourth place for Annecy-le-Franc College. “They offered us a trip to Greece back in time and a beautiful tribute to Paralympic sport,” insists Stephanie Bardio, director of education.

Memories aside, each college left with Yonne’s “Terre de Jeux 2024” flag on their image. Uphold the values ​​of Olympism such as “superiority, friendship and respect”. Respect, a concept emphasized by Saint-Florentin, is the third. Saint-Valérien comes in second with a “parallel between the ancient and modern Olympic Games”.

The first place went to Saint-Jacques de Joigny College. Robin received the medal on behalf of all his comrades who sang Auxerre songs to celebrate the victory. The winners will visit the National Institute of Sports, Excellence and Performance (Insep) on June 28, as well as the Handball House. Students are also excited to win a place for the AJA promotion in the fall.

The winners, Robin (winner) and his fellow Jovinians were invited to the pitch.

“A wonderful experience that I hope will be updated and expanded. Each of you is capable of very beautiful things. We are counting on you,” recalled the 5th Vincent Aubert, Dacine de l’Yonne.

“Olympics in the country happen once in a century”

Also proud of this day, along with AJA, “the powerhouse of the department”, and this “extraordinary rise” in Ligue 1, Patrick Gendreau, president of the departmental council of Yonne, insists: “The Olympic Games in the country are once a century!” Chance of the calendar : “Charles Pierre Fredy de Coubertin wanted to resume the ancient Olympic Games on June 16, June 16, 1894.”

Clip contest rating

  1. College Saint-Jacques de Joigny
  2. Gatinay College in Burgundy Saint-Valerien
  3. College of Marseille-Aimé in Saint-Florentin
  4. College of Trees La Chenevière in Annecy-le-Franc

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Vincent Thomas
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