Little games… Part 3, great desire! – News

What a pleasure to share

Make you want to play

And so this third week

Let’s see what games I’m taking you to.

Named: Kinoko, Lipogram, Splito, Spooky Boo!

Trick Truck

“Who chose my kinoko? »

kinoko(meaning “mushroom” in Japanese) is a game by Tim Rogash, illustrated by Polina Okean, published by Helvétiq for 2-4 players ages 7 and up.

Equipment : 24 cards of 6 different colors (3 mushroom cards of each color and 1 family card of each color), 3 dice, 12 score tokens, 1 rulebook.

Trick Truck

Purpose of the game : First win 5 points tokens.

let’s play : each player receives and consults a family card, which he holds face down; this is the color of the family that needs to be united. In the remaining cards, 1 is revealed and this will be the forbidden suit. Each player then receives 3 Mushroom cards of each denomination and holds them face down in front of him (back side) so that other players can see the cards (front side). The remaining 6 cards are placed on the table in 2 rows. On his turn, player 1 rolls a die and chooses an action from one of them (look at 1 card, exchange 2 cards from his hand, etc.). As soon as the player thinks he knows that his 3 champies are together in the same place, he announces this and the round ends. If successful, he receives 2 point tokens. Otherwise, the other players receive 1 point token. Any player with a forbidden color only loses 1 point token. Once a player has 4 point tokens, he wins the game.

kawaii game very small, very cute, very family friendly. Perhaps you compare him to Hanabi and consider him your little brother, because they have in common that they only allow you to see the game of opponents. Yes, but… there are bones; who’s there ? (I am laughing). You depend on them to decide your actions. Memory (not the strength of adults), reflection and deduction are necessary 😊

Trick Truck

He runs, he runs, a hippopotamus, trawled and trawled …

He’s running, he’s running, hippo, and it’s really funny!

LipogramPierric and Renaud Libralesso game illustrated by Pierrot, published by Kyf editions, 2 to 10 players, ages 6 and up.

Equipment : 220 cards and 1 link to 1 free application. You will need your own smartphone.

Trick Truck

Purpose of the game : Make people guess the words in a limited time, but… watch out for the forbidden letter.

let’s play : After downloading the application, you choose either the CHALLENGE mode, cooperative (all against the game), which is recommended for the 1st game, or the RESPONSIBILITY mode, competitive (2 teams against each other). In the challenge mode, 1 person controls the application, presses the hippopotamus or forbidden letter, draws 1 card, and guesses the word according to the selected level. The hippo moves forward, if you find a word before it reaches the end of the track, you will click on the hippo and get a bonus. Attention, if a forbidden letter is pronounced, you must click on the letter that includes the malus. In CONFLICT mode (same system with the “Forbidden Letter” and “Hippo” buttons), 1 person must make their team guess 1 word while the hippo advances along the path. Once the word is found, he retreats to the opposite camp, and so on.

What a thrill when the hippopotamus starts to accelerate!

mood game with 1 co-op mode and 1 competitive mode. With a bit of a video game, it’s original, funny, rhythmic, with lots of challenges, game modes to unlock, difficulty levels, trophies to win. Lots of laughter, excitement of the words that came out, and good mood. We are out of breath!

First of all, don’t forget to download the app on your smartphone before you start your crazy word race. You can choose decor and accessories for the hippopotamus.

Trick Truck

Let’s disperse, yes, but … to the right or to the left?

splito — game by Luc Remon and Romaric Galonnier, illustrated by Maud Chalmel, published BLAM!from 3 to 8 players, from 8 years.

Equipment : 109 cards (37 Goal cards and 72 Split cards, 6 denominations in 2 copies, 6 colors. Diamonds on the Goal cards indicate the number of points earned for each execution of 1 instruction (get the most cards of a certain value or get color combinations, etc.) …)

Trick Truck

Purpose of the game : Win the most points at the end of the game.

let’s play : 1 game is played over 13 game turns. 1 Moon card and 1 Star card are placed in the center of the table and form a common goal for all players. Each player receives 13 cards. At the same time, each player plays a card from his hand, which he places face down between himself and his neighbor on the right, or himself and his neighbor on the left. The cards are revealed and each player passes his deck of cards to the neighbor on the left. And so on until all 13 cards have been played. Each player counts the confirmed Objective card scores with each of their neighbors. The verified scores of the two common goal cards are added to the scoring. Then each player multiplies the points of their 2 areas. The one with the most points wins the game.

Draft based card game, easy fast, family, limited communication. There is mutual aid between the neighbor on the left and the neighbor on the right, and you need to find the right balance, but…in the end…there will be only one winner.

Trick Truck

Use the power of your cards wisely to announce Spooky Boo!

Creepy Boo! is a game illustrated by Delphine Jaco, published by DJECO, for 2-4 players from 8 years old.

Material : 54 cards (worth -1, 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10 and 15).

Trick Truck

Purpose of the game : Score the lowest score after 5 rounds.

let’s play : Shuffle the cards and deal 4 of them. They are placed in front of you in a 2X2 square. You can secretly check the two cards in front of you. On each game turn, you have the opportunity to take 1 card: – either from the discard pile and exchange it for 1 card from your deck – or from the deck, exchange it for 1 card from the deck or discard it. Warning: If it is 1 card with a value of 8, 9, 10, or 15, you can use its power (look at 1 card from your deck or one of your opponents, exchange 1 card, etc.). Once you feel you have scored 5 points or less, you can declare Spooky Boo! If it’s good, you have 0 points and the other players have the sum of their card values. If your announcement is false, 10 points to you and 0 to other players. 1 new round starts.

card game where memory, reflection and strategy will be essential. With the beaver gang Hilo (gigamic), Omerta, Skyjo, it joins a large family of games originating from TAMALOU, a very popular game in the Middle East. With this little addition, thanks to 4 power cards, beautiful illustrations.

See you next week, in joy and good mood

and above all, keep yourself well hydrated in these high temperatures

Drink water (because yes… water is not just for showering)

See you later.