list of all video games announced for Nintendo Switch

Legendary video game company nintendo surprised his fans by announcing a new presentation independent world, a live stream showing new video games from independent companies coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. In the program, which lasted from 20 minutes, Big N took the opportunity to present more than 20 independent video games that will be released during this year.

Thanks to Swedish and Australian productions Nintendo Independent World May 2022 confirmed that the Switch will be home to several independent production companies, with some shipments being exclusives and others new adaptations for the Nintendo console, the vast majority of which will premiere this year.

Five titles that were announced to be available immediately after Indie World caught the attention of viewers, including: “Soundfall”, “Mini Motorways”, “Gibbon: Beyond the Trees”, “OPUS: Echo of Starsong Full Bloom Edition” and “Card Shark”.

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Games announced at Nintendo Indie World in May 2022

Ooblets produced by Glumberland Premiere: Summer 2022

An adaptation of the video game Ooblets for the Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2020, the core mechanics of the game involve training and nurturing little creatures called overflights as they explore the city of Oob, play mini-games, explore all sorts of locations, befriend the locals, and even run their own shop.

Batora: Lost Haven, Production: Stormind Games and Team17 Premiere: Fall 2022

Linear RPG without a story, combining slash and slash gameplay with shooting. In this game, we will control Avril, a 16-year-old girl endowed with extraordinary powers, who, after a mysterious devastating event, is now in her hands to save the planet.

ElecHead Producer: Nama Takahashi Premiere: Summer 2022

Created by a single contributor and started as a project during his student days, Elechead is a 2D puzzle platformer. In the game, we control Elec, a robot that must bring light back to the world, for which he will have to pass tests inside rooms full of traps.

Soundfall by Drastic Game and Noodlecake Release Date: May 11, 2022

The perfect combination of rhythm and dungeon gameplay, with loads of action and a soundtrack that will make everyone want to dance. The story gives us control over the Keeper of Harmony, a character with exceptional musical ability who must stand against the hordes of Discord. Players will need to perform actions to the rhythm of the music in order to increase their power, being able to play alone or with up to three other players.

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Wildfrost, production company: Deadpan Games and Chucklefish Premiere: Winter 2022

A card game with roguelike elements that aims to put an end to the perpetual frost that ravages a small town. With different cards that customize each deck in a unique way, players will have to overcome battles and upgrade the city to unlock new items, events, and challenges.

Gunbrella Produced by: Doinksoft and Devolver Digital Premiere: 2023.

This new video game introduces us to a lumberjack who wields a mysterious weapon known as the Gunbrella: an umbrella that can shoot. The story has a detective theme where the main character has to deal with monsters, gangsters, politicians and other amazing characters in a world where natural resources disappear from nowhere.

Here are some of the other indie video games featured and their release dates:

Mini Highway: Now available.

Gibbon: Behind the Trees: Available Now

OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition: Available Now

Card Shark: free demo available

IL: June 2022

Moody Beach: July 21, 2022

Totally Accurate Combat Simulator (TABS): Summer 2022

Damned in Golf: Summer 2022

OneShot: Gold Machine Edition: Summer 2022

We are OFC: Summer 2022

Manager Idol: August 25, 2022

Babylon Guide: Fall 2022

Adoration of the Lamb: 2022

Another Crab Treasure: 2023

Nintendo Indie World Official Stream (starts at 20:00)

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