La Casa de Papel, Le Jeu de la Dame…: Netflix announces new games based on its series

Ever since Netflix announced in November 2021 that it wanted to offer mobile gaming to its subscribers, the streaming giant’s gaming offering has remained fairly modest. But its catalog is about to expand with the appearance of several games based on series well known to the general public.

Netflix subscribers are getting more and more for their money. Movies, series, and now… games! So far, the gaming offer has consisted of about twenty titles, ranging from arcades, simulations, or even to reflections. But, with the exception of two opuses dedicated to the universe very strange thingsWith Stranger Things 3: The Game as well as Stranger Things: 1,984, nothing that really matches the firm’s most iconic work. But patience is the mother of all virtues, and very soon the brand’s game catalog will be replenished, as announced on Week of geeks June 10, 2022 with new works based on your favorite series! We’re summing up the four biggest games coming to Netflix.

La Casa de Papel will get the right to its own mobile game

After at least five games on Netflix, money robberythe flagship Spanish series of the streaming giant, was released in December 2021. But you haven’t finished hearing about the ambitious robbers led by El Profesor yet, as they will be getting the right to their own mobile game.

Direction to Monaco to help a friend of a professor who wants to rob a casino. Only that ! In graphics that feel straight out of a comic book, you pick locks, blow up safes, and sneak backstage in a building to try and get away with the jackpot. But you will have to wait a bit before making virtual millions on your mobile, as the release date has not yet been announced.

Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga is coming very soon!

Fans of role-playing games and action-adventure games will be delighted: Grishaverse comes to their mobile devices with Shadow and Bone: Fates, which will be released in 2023 on Netflix. A brand new story based on the universe of the TV series of the same name.

The program is a narrative adventure with many options that will affect the course of history. But there can be no question of limiting ourselves to a simple visual novel on smartphones. According to the first information, elements should also be included in the game. rogue-like with dungeons and a traditional experience set. It promises complete immersion in Shadow and Bone: Grisha Saga !

Queen Game: Become a Chess Master

Upon release in October 2020 Queen game undoubtedly revived public interest in chess. If, like many fans, you suddenly became interested in the best strategies for consistently beating your opponent, now is the time to put your thoughts into practice.

A very traditional chess game? Not really. In a 3D setting heavily inspired by the series, the player puts themselves in the shoes of Beth Harmon to recreate the greatest matches of this implacable tactician. An opportunity to learn a little more about all the strategies mentioned in Queen game, discover others and become a real ace in this strategic duel on a board of 64 squares. Once again, Netflix has yet to provide a release date for Chess with the Queen’s Gambit. But rest assured, it will be more than just a game of chess.

Test your limits with high voltage seduction

This is the reality show that was all the rage in April 2020, at the height of what is now called “first containment”. Principle high voltage seduction : 14 contenders for plastic dreams and a frivolous life find themselves under the sun, in a paradise villa. $100,000 is at stake. But in order to touch this big money, participants must not have the slightest physical or romantic contact, risking hitting the jackpot.

A crazy concept that offers itself on a smartphone with a special mobile game planned for 2023. Simulation acquaintance which includes the rules of the reality show. The player has to make choices, sometimes bad, sometimes good, to keep the kitten unharmed at the end of the adventure. Can you resist temptation?

Sources: Netflix, Gaming News, About Netflix