JCB presents the latest version of its Fastrac

JCB is adding new technology to its Fastrac 4000 and 8000 series tractors. The instrument panel has been replaced by a 7-inch screen that provides clear forward visibility. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the comfort of the operator, who can configure up to 50 user profiles and thus personalize the driver environment at will. Not to mention the functions of precision farming and compatibility with Isobus.

JCB Fastrac 8000 iConJCB introduces its Fastrac 4000 and 8000 series tractors in the iCon version. (© JCB)

J.CB introduced the last generations of him Fastrac tractors of the 4000 and 8000 series. Main development: electronic architecture of the car, which offers more productivity and comfort for the operator in terms of settings.

Obviously, the operator benefits from a three-component environment:

  • iConfigure personalize commands according to the user,
  • iConnect integrate the functions of precision farming,
  • iControl redefining operations through transmission control.

The ICon tractor series, power from 175 to 348 hp, so it benefits from the eponymous multifunctional armrest and touch screen, which provides greater simplicity for the operator. The device is also designed for more efficient transmission control. Not forgetting about Compatibility with Isobus, GPS guide and tool management programs that do not require an additional screen.

7-inch screen as a dashboard

Another novelty: a 7-inch screen, installed in front of the operator as a dashboard, which provides better visibility both front and side, as well as improves readability. The joystick attached to the armrest and LED control levers are used to control the electro-hydraulic distributors, front and rear power take-offs and coupling. The second joystick controls auxiliary functions, and the encoder disk offers an alternative to touch screens.

Each colored lever can receive a hydraulic function selected by the operator, as well as a four-axis joystick and its rocker switch. Even at night, the controls are easy to distinguish thanks to the light color code.

Fastrac iCon cabThe iCon cab environment is fully customizable and has 50 memories to save each profile. (© JCB)

Screen question, 12-inch touch terminal Allows the driver to view detailed job information. If you swipe to the right, the details of the settings of the six distributors will appear. The third window displays camera images and Isobus teams if the tool benefits from it. To make it easier to control the “reversible fields”, the operator can automatically record up to 50 movements. Finally, the 7-inch instrument panel replacement screen displays speed, engine speed and some information about the tractor.

Automatic touch pedal or lever

Question method of transmission, STC (Smart Transmission Control) technology it is a speed-based system. The driver sets the target value and the tractor adjusts the engine speed and gear to be engaged to minimize fuel consumption, regardless of the load.

There is no need to choose the driving mode, the joystick or pedal is automatically activated when using one or another; note the function that allows you to select one of two configurations when the transmission is controlled by a joystick. Farmers who already have a Fastrac in the yard may want to continue to use the JCB Classic settings to adjust the forward speed by moving the joystick left and right, and choose the direction by moving it back and forth.

Others are likely to choose JCB Pro mode, which requires pushing forward and pulling back to increase or decrease forward speed. Shifting to the left activates the front / rear gear, and in the other direction includes a switch on the main wheel, which controls the speed range.

Functions of precision farming

As an option, the tractor can control attachments mounted at the rear and front thanks to the Isobus interface on the touch screen. In this case, the auxiliary joystick may have special functions to control the instrument. On the side GPS guidebrand sets Novatel Smart-7 receiver control the direction. Note the possibility of access to dose modulation and section cutting (optional). Thanks to the availability of GPS, the farmer can equip his horse with other solutions for guidance and precision farming.

As for ease of use, then JCB quick control function reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel required for maneuvering on the turning lane. The Twin Steer is also available on the 4000 Series with four-wheel steering. It provides individual axis guidance for the exact location of the tool.

Air conditioning has been automated and has the advantages of a solar load sensor and ambient temperature control in the cabin. What you need to react to as soon as the environment changes. Storage compartment, compartment and coaster located to the right of the operator, storage box on the armrest and mesh in the rear of the cabin JCB Command Plus … so many items of equipment that complement the box installed under the seat or cooled compartment.

Finally, in terms of comfort, the Briton as a bonus sets its high-quality seat with air suspension, heating and ventilation. It is available in a set of Pro Champs and Pro Line, which itself is available if the front hitch is installed. Not to mention the main and auxiliary LED lights, two rotating lights and the function of Hill Hold (start on the slope) and 2WD traction control.

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