In the water park of Brioud (Haute Loire), from July 2, games on a sleigh, pentaglis and in the water should open.

The various elements that make up the upcoming Aquabulle slide and pentagon arrived this week at the water park in Brioud. Their installation must be completed by July 2.

This construction site, meant to give Brivadois a truly playful look, began in February last year with earthworks. This was followed by the installation of nets, pipes and the pouring of the slab, which should accommodate these various sliding structures and many water games.

Online booking and payment at Aquabulle de Brioude (Haut-Loire): instructions

Two separate spaces

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This new area, accessible from inside the building and bordered by a grassy picnic area (demarcated by showers and a footbath), is divided into two sections. On one side during assembly there will be a slide and two pentaglysses available from 6 years old. The first one will rise 4.50 m above the plate level. The staircase that will provide access to it will also serve two pentagons, offering the possibility of having three simultaneous exits. The second part of the zone, intended for children from 0 to 6 years old accompanied by their parents, will be dedicated to water games. There are twenty of them in total.

Expenses. The installation work of the slide, pentagliss and water games is, at the cost of the project manager and the design office, 582,993.87 euros, excluding taxes.

Heating and circulating water

All of these new facilities will benefit from heated water coming from inside the Aquabulle. “It will be injected into a buffer tank to keep the water games, the slide and the pentaglis warm,” explains Sebastian Château, deputy director of the municipality of Brioude in southern Auvergne. Collected, this water is then returned to the filters for reuse.

Tobogganing, water games and pentagliss: the water park Brioud (Haut-Loire) becomes even… more fun!

The whole territory is fenced. Decorating a concrete wall bordering water features will be the subject of an graffiti workshop in November. Upon commissioning on July 2, these facilities will complement the bathing area and will be available to all of the pools at the price of a classic entry.water games

Pierre Ebrard