I’m 30 and I love Lego video games.

“The Lego video game is like Disney or Pixar, sometimes it’s more for adults than for kids.” – Muhammad Ali.

I will always remember the day at a family dinner my 10 year old nephew sat next to me to watch me play from the height of my 30s, on Lego Dimensions. After a few minutes of watching me beat up Sauron with Batman, he said: “But it’s child’s play!”

After that, I hesitated whether to break him psychologically by confessing to him that he inherited his father’s mop IQ, or to explain to him that no, Lego video games are not only video games for children and, conversely, they affect adults as well. . I chose the second option, presenting him with three well-founded arguments.

“Lego video games are fun, they’re like stand-up”

How do you stand out in the world of blockbuster video games when you release games where the characters are mostly yellow and have two fingers? Well, you have to bet on humor.

And Lego games master this art with rare dexterity. So no, these are not jokes from 10 years ago, but specific references that will affect any adult fan over 20 who has seen and loved the classics of his youth.

When in Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaQui-Gon-Jin uses Taken’s famous lines because Liam Neeson, you know, or Rey finds the Lost Ark of Indiana Jones with Han Solo, we tell ourselves that Lego is very strong and knows his audience.

And in this area, Lego is doing better than any other game that strives to be more realistic.

“Lego video games are a treat that slips into a nostalgia that is all too often forgotten”

The Lego company has released several of its own games, such as Racers (inspiration Mario Kart), Undercover city (which is better than GTA) or Worlds (obviously mine craft buggy).

However, their real strength, as well as their biggest successes, undoubtedly remain their adaptations of the great cinematic sagas: Harry Potter, Marvel, Batman, Lord of the Rings or star Wars – with a recent incident that The Skywalker Saga.

Seven films Harry Potter ? Nine films star Wars ? Hop, here is a game that allows you to embody any of your favorite characters while experiencing all the work that has accompanied you throughout your youth. It’s like Proust’s Madeleine, but we’re playing with Deadpool and Obi-Wan, which is a lot more stylish.

“Lego video games are a pressure relief valve to delay the inevitable destruction of our souls, alienated by the omnipotent consumer society”

I admit that after this argument, my nephew developed vagal discomfort. In the Lego video games, it is possible to knock out Sauron and the Dalek Emperor from Doctor Who with Batman. Of course it is possible.

Beyond these endless possibilities, let’s first of all remember that coming home after a long day at work to have some fun building Lego cars is and always will be more soothing than the rage at Division Rivals on FIFA 22 or be humiliated for the thirtieth time against Malenia in ancient ring.

From there to the suggestion that Lego video games are real therapy, there is only one step that I happily take.

After this presentation, my nephew left in tears. To complete my remarks and thus convince your friends who judge your tastes in terms of leisure through video games, yes, Lego video games are for children, but not only. They allow us to return to our youth, laugh and have fun with our favorite characters, and make us forget that tomorrow we will have to pay taxes.

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