I checked: Womanizer Premium 2

Not so long ago the world of Fr. sex toys opened up to me. I have never used it since I was 27 years old masturbator. God of mind, right? I was satisfied only with my imagination and my hands. Why? I would say, just from a wasteful line. You still need to be very motivated to spend a one hundred euros to an object that performs the same work as ours fingers. Well, that’s what I thought. And how did I know which one to choose, which one would be tailored to my desires? In short, the questions that blocked me sex shopping and who therefore left me in darkness for all these years. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. in Womanizer Premium 2. A sex toy that stimulates clitoris contactless use of technology “Air of pleasure”. And I can assure you that orgasms which I got thanks to this new technology is a whole new kind.

The Womanizer: a modern sex toy

It is important to know: I am absolutely sensitive to everything clitoris. So I’m good at it. And I know exactly what I like. So I was skeptical when I tested Premium 2. How can an object bring me more pleasure than my fingers? I found out pretty soon. aesthetically, Nothing to add. The design is clean and you could hardly know it was a sex toy. Well, we also don’t risk leaving it on your bedside table, in front of your eyes, but it’s still good to have beautiful sex toy which is not kitsch. It is very easy to start and a great novelty: there is a few tips to adapt it to its shape clitoris. There were only women who could make such a detail, but such an important one. I look forward to trying different attachments (as a child is offered a new toy).

Woman: 100% satisfaction

So I started it as soon as possible. And what was mine surprise. The feeling of air on the clitoris is very pleasant and instantly brings pleasure, which at this time seems incomparable. Indeed. I can choose the intensity pressure. So I decide to increase it. Honestly, three seconds after pressing the button that magnifies the waves, I reached outOrgasm. And I was warned:

“You’ll see, for the first time you won’t have time to say fu that you’re going to have an orgasm”.

So I’m a little hungry. Yes, I’m from a group that likes to spend time to please yourself. And then I say to myself, “We’ll try again.” I wait a few minutes and start the operation again. So I try to be patient. To go slower. And it works.

Still unexplored orgasm

And girls, let me tell you something: I just never had such an orgasm. I can’t explain this feeling to you, except that it came from afar and lasted a long time. As if it worked once, it took a long time to reach the desired moment. L ‘apotheosis. Yes, this is clearly an apotheosis. Honestly, I didn’t even think I could have thatOrgasm. Well, it’s done. You just need to let go a little and know your own body.

If you do not know your body and your desires, Womanizer Premium 2 (and others with Pleasure Air technology), perfect. You have nothing to do but you weaken to the rhythm of the waves and place toy. As you can see, I do not hesitate to recommend this sex toy. He has the power to make me a good day when I woke up on the wrong foot. thank you Woman.

Where to buy a woman?

Now that I’ve figured out all the benefits of this 100% fun device, aren’t you going to buy it? I understand you. Here is a list of places where my best friend is for sale.

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