Hydrogen: “Technology exists today, not in 2025 or 2030”

Problems. Why did the Gaussin family business, which specializes in the development of professional vehicles for the transportation of goods and people, switch to hydrogen?

Christopher Gausen. Ten years ago, we launched a radical change in our vehicles to have zero emissions and noise. Then we stopped the internal combustion engine. In 2012 we took a lot of risks, we were far ahead. All our vehicles have electric motors in wheels and batteries for electricity delivery and storage. A fuel cell and a hydrogen tank can be added to this base to increase capacity and autonomy.

Since 2012, we have created a number of vehicles, mostly SUVs (off-road) for use in port terminals, where we have been operating for fifty years, and in logistics centers. We have a 75-ton (loaded) vehicle designed to work in the port, and another, 38-ton, developed with the help of e-commerce players (Ikea, Amazon, UPS, etc.).

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